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Welcome to My Opportunities Blog

Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

Recently an Austrian man was digging in his yard and, to his surprise, found a buried treasure.  As he started looking at it carefully, sometime later, he realized he had not only a couple but actually hundreds of pieces of jewelry and other precious objects that were centuries-old.

We would have loved to have been him, finding buried treasure that could bring us quick and easy money.  We all love great opportunities and dream of finding such an easy and valuable treasure.  Even dreaming of that find may  bring a quick smile to our face and a sparkle to our eyes.  Oh, that would be nice – like winning the lottery.

Yet, too often, we miss the opportunities, not seeing them until the time has passed.  We were the ones who didn’t  dig up the yard, didn’t recognize what we found or gave it away without finding its real value.  We might not have wanted to look like a fool by destroying our nice lawn.  Meanwhile, the treasure was right under our feet in the dirt of our life.  Instead of the potential exhilaration, we are now mired in frustration, on the outside looking in – and it stinks.

Would you like to be the one in the headlines?  Would you like to be the one cashing in on the opportunity?  If so, we are going to enjoy the upcoming discussions because  I  want to help you look at what has gone undetected in your life and then realize those opportunities.  I want to help you be the one on the inside of success.

To become that person, we must become people of vision by changing our perspective, raising our goals, acquiring the appropriate knowledge and honing valuable skills.  As we progress through this process, you will begin to see and then realize those ultimate, fantastic opportunities that will transform your life.  Life is simply too short to continue in mediocrity when we can be living the good, or even better, the great life.  Like that Austrian man, we have incredible opportunities every day, that, if we can sense them at the best time, will help us make the significant improvements that we desire.  Instead of living in frustration, I want to help you live in that exhilaration. 

To help you reach that goal, I will focus on a wide variety of opportunities ranging from business to personal life.  You will read about corporate, entrepreneur and small business opportunities as owner, manager or wage earning employee.  We will also discuss many personal opportunities including improving our financial, family, physical and intellectual lives. “That is quite the range.  So what is the focus?” you might ask.  As “The Opportunity Professor,” I am focused on the specific pinpoint of time where opportunity avails itself.  This is the exact moment where we first sense that opportunity that allows us to lead lives that leave a legacy.  My focus is help you identify and maximize that pinpoint moment of discovery and decision.  I am hoping that through this blog, you will realize your opportunities to make a difference, to make more money or to receive needed affirmation and confirmation.

But this blog is not designed as a passive effort on your part.  Instead, I am providing a space for your discussion of great opportunities you have found and want to share with others.  Together we will discuss what makes a great opportunity. (Note:  we will limit our focus to the legal, ethical and tasteful opportunities.)

Now that you are familiar with my format, read my next blog or connect with my webpage to get more of a background to the study of opportunity.  www.UnleashTheUltimate.com.  You can also follow me on Twitter @TheOpProf and LinkedIn/in/LorenMurfield.

Doc M, The OpProf.

Helping You Sense then Seize Your Opportunity to Unleash the UltimateTM

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