Buy My Vote

To all presidential candidates.

With the Florida primary coming next week and the national election later this year, I have decided to seize this special opportunity and offer my vote for sale.  You have already been hounding me filling my voicemail with countless phone calls, cluttering my mailbox with slick flyers and annoying me with negative advertisements on radio and TV.  So this is your chance.  If you want my vote, you have to buy it.  But it will cost you dearly.

Why should you buy my vote?  In part, because you can’t get elected without my vote and votes from many like me.  Without these votes, you need to look for another job.

Yes, I said the price is high.  Why so high?  Because I live in the swing portion of a swing state at a very important time.  Besides, did you tell us every vote counts?   I recognize my opportunity and am firm in any negotiation.

So what is the price?  I’m glad you asked.

First of all, please understand that the usual payment of money won’t buy it nor will perks such as a cushy job, political favors or meeting famous people.  They are of no consequence.  I will sell my vote to either Democrats, Republicans or Independents, incumbents or newcomers.  However, please know that the tired, ordinary campaign promises and canned smiles won’t buy my vote.    Instead, my price demands innovative and practical ideas, proven integrity and committed self-sacrifice.

Innovative and Practical Ideas

Buying my vote means providing new ideas that work.  I haven’t seen much of that and we could sure use something behind the stale, lame political posturing and messages.  I don’t care about party affiliation, support or allegiance.  I care about results.  If you want my vote, seize the opportunity to foster meaningful progress to solve the country’s problems.  Without this, you will not buy my vote.

Proven Integrity

The price must also include integrity, doing what is right for the country.  My depression era parents taught me right from wrong and to do what was right even when no one else was watching.  Is it too much to ask those that represent me to do the same?  I don’t think that price is too high.  Pay the price if you want my vote.

Committed Self-Sacrifice

I told you the price was high and will require sacrifice on your part.  Sacrifice is critical because it is exactly what politicians have asked of my family as they left their homelands to immigrate to the U.S., homesteaded in the barren plains of South Dakota a century ago and volunteer for military service, placing their lives in harm’s way to protect our country and ensure our freedom.  I don’t think they would believe asking you to do the same is too high of a price.


Don’t be fooled, this is not a price for a lifetime vote.  It is a vote for one term and you have to buy the next vote too, if you are still up for the job.  I refuse to be stupid with the sale.

You can make this payment to me but I will not hoard the payment.  Instead, it goes as payment to those previous generations that left this great country as a gift to us.  It also goes to those future generations as an investment in our legacy to them.  Of course, this generation also benefits knowing that we are reestablishing invigorating and practical ideas, a pride in integrity and appreciation for sacrifice.

So what is your decision?  Will you pay the price?  This is your opportunity.  Do you sense it?  Will you seize it?

We find incredible opportunities when we care for others.  Seizing those opportunities, we live happier and more productive lives, leaving a lasting legacy of the ultimate importance.

Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

“The Opportunity Professor”

Helping Individuals and Organizations Unleash the Ultimate

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