5 Disruptive Leadership Lessons I Learned through Photography

DisruptiveLeadersStHelensscaledDisruptive leaders are known for the difference they make in the world.  They are the ones who offer the revolutionary new products and services that change our world as we know it.  It is because of them that we have new technology, social movements and entertainment.  These are the men and women who boldly move forward when the rest of us lag behind questioning where we are going.  How do they do that?  How do they know what to offer?  How do they know when to launch?  How do they have the confidence that it will work?

In this post and for the five the follow, I will take a close look at what it takes to be the disruptive leader.  But I don’t want to do this in the typical way, offering yet another list of characteristics and actions.  Instead, I see the lessons we can learn through a favorite hobby of mine, photography.  In photography, I am learning to create an image that both captures a significant moment but also constructs a vision for what can be.  As disruptive leaders, we do the same thing.  Let me explain.

I have been fascinated with photography for decades.

I am a visual person and for decades have been fascinated by  the events of nature.  I am enthralled with the sun setting, an eagle fishing, or a young man surfing. I love the interplay, the movement and the quest. In nature photography, there is a passion to explore and a passion to witness nature at its best. There is a desire and a challenge to capture that millisecond of history, that moment to frame when time stops at the perfect point in the action. Freeze framed for antiquity, that shot tells the story, pausing time to let all who observe see what would otherwise be ignored, overlooked or simply missed. Contained therein is a passion to live beyond the confines of our man made world, to push the envelope and defy the laws of nature.  In that particular moment is contained the possibilities in life.  There I am exhilarated with the possibilities.  That is why I want to be a better photographer.  I want to leverage my power to show others new opportunities that make a significant difference in their lives.

Disruptive Leaders Change the World

That is the same reason I want to be a disruptive leader.  Leading disruptive change utilizes that same passion, that same drive to break through at exactly the right moment to Unleash the Ultimate(TM). It is standing apart because we have learned the lessons and exercised them at the most valuable moment. It is knowing in that moment that we have endless possibilities to do what we have never done before and knowing we can help others do the same.  There is incredible power in being a disruptive leader.  I want to leverage that power to make the critical difference in the world around me.

I hope you want to be a disruptive leader for the same reasons.

But many of us are mediocre leaders.  Just as my photography has been merely a hobby, so too many leaders haven’t taken leadership serious enough to make disruptive changes.  We have the desire but have not dedicated the time and effort to stand apart, build a following and make the critical difference. We enjoy our positions but are not willing to take that extra step. We are like tourists with a cheap camera, snapping selfies at the same old tourist stops.  We are doing little to explore and find new and exhilarating discoveries that radically improve our world.  No wonder our photos are flat, unimaginative and boring.  No wonder our leadership fails to impress.

Maybe it is time to make that bold move.

Disruptive leadership, like creating great nature photography, doesn’t just happen. It takes a number of different components working together.  Over the next several weeks, we will focus on a series of lessons that I have learned from photography.  In these lessons, we can leverage the power to do what followers and leaders never saw coming and never thought possible.

Each of these lessons are incredibly powerful IF we learn them and use them daily.  Like a good lesson in photography, we can’t just read the article, we have to get out into the field and put it into practice.  We will examine taking time to plan and practice, learning to anticipate opportunities, assessing the environment, persevering in our commitment and executing at the perfect time. In these lessons, we can learn the essential elements to create a revolutionary transformation.  Here are the first five lessons.

Lesson #1. Taking Time to Plan & Practice
Lesson #2. Anticipate the Opportunity
Lesson #3. Assessing the Environment
Lesson #4. Discipline & Commitment to be Different
Lesson #5. Timing and Taking the Action

Disrupting the world brings incredible power to make more money, make a bigger different, be important and leave a legacy.

Are you tired of the same old results?

Are you ready for a radical change?

Are you willing to take that bold step?

Transform Your Thinking
Unleash the UltimateTM
Leverage Your Power to Do the Impossible

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I help aspiring and emerging leaders do what followers and critics think is impossible.If you are ready to take that bold step, contact me today at Loren@MurfieldCoaching.com.

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