Lesson #4: Why does a Disruptive Leader Dare to be Different?


How willing are you to be different?

In this post, we continue the series on becoming the disruptive leader who initiates the radical change, doing what followers think is impossible.

If you remember, in the previous post, we learned the valuable lessons of taking the time to plan and to practice, anticipating the opportunities and assessing the environment.  Becoming the disruptive leader is a process with critical lessons to learn.  I have found many of these lessons in my favorite hobby, nature photography.  We start by grasping why we would want to be different.

What Makes Disruptive Leaders Different?

It was dark and it was tempting to stay in bed.  Not surprisingly, there weren’t too many of us in up when the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m..  Yet we quietly slipped down the stairs, careful not to wake my one year old grandson son, daughter-in-law or my wife.  My son double checked our gear and slipped out the door, knowing we had an hour drive to the tulip fields. We had to beat the crowds and to catch the perfect light for our ideal shots.  My son knew the landscape of the Skagit Valley in Washington State.  He knew the location for the best spot and, maybe most important, when the sun would rise. We both knew there would only be a few people like us there and welcomed the opportunity when all the tourists were safely in tucked in their cozy beds, enjoying their rest.

PerfectLightLeadertuylipsmallWe had no trouble being different. In fact, we sought to be different.  Why?  We couldn’t do what we wanted in the middle of the crowds.  We loved the early morning solitude free of intruders in our photos. That was the exact time when we could capture the early morning sun kissing the tulip bulbs good morning.  We would gladly sacrifice to get our desired and dramatic result.

In the same way, disruptive leaders are willing to be different, stand out and stand alone because that is where the opportunity is best viewed. We as disruptive leaders need room to work so we willingly get up before dawn, separate ourselves from the pack and do what others are unwilling to do.

There is power in standing alone and we purposely seek that power. It will not fall in our laps.  So we purposely pursue that power.  In the end, we know that discovering and leveraging that power is what brings the disruptive results.

How are you willing to be different from others?

To what degree are you willing to do what others cannot, will not or do not?

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