Lesson #5: Disruptive Leaders are Doers – Not Just Talkers

I hear a lot of people say they want to do something great. Many tell me they want to write a book while others say they want to start their own company or still others claim they will invent a new product.  But very few do.  Why?

Too many are talkers – and not enough are doers.

Which one are you?

In this series I am detailing specific steps we can take to do the impossible based on lessons I have learned in my favorite hobby, photography.  In this fifth and final lesson, we look at taking action.

A Time to Talk

I can brag about shots I have taken, my current project or my future goals but until I pick up the camera and go, it is just talk.  There is a time for talk and planning but ultimately we must take the action.  DisruptiveLeadersStHelens

To do the impossible, we must be doers – not just talkers.

There is a time in everyone’s life where we hold more potential than success. more dreams than reality.  We all remember those days where we had more hopes and desires than we did completions and victories.  In some ways, all we had was hope – and that was ok because it was great fun to talk about what could, might or would likely be.  We loved the warm feelings we got in that utopian world of fantasy.

But if that world was left alone, visited only in talking and not doing, it becomes an irritant, a reminder of what could have  been.

I know.  I get that feeling every time I start a new project or discuss the possibilities with a new client. It is exhilarating to collaborate with someone on their dream.  There is an excitement in thinking about what we never thought we could do.  There is also a fascination in opening our eyes and seeing what can be, especially when we see what we had been blind to before.

Talking without Doing is Destructive and Repulsive.

But if that talking never evolves into talking, it becomes a bitter embarrassment, a destructive force in our lives.

Let me explain. Doing the impossible is stepping across the threshold into a whole new world.  It is leaving the civilization of our old thinking where we are comfortable because life is predictable and safe.  Doing demands change.  It is purposely venturing into that uncomfortable, unpredictable and unsafe wilderness just beyond the edge of our current thinking.  It is a bold step, one that many will never take.

Some WISH they could write a book but are not real serious so they never really start.

Some like the IDEA but CANNOT SEE themselves as an author so they never are.

Some have a great idea but DOUBT anyone would read it so they try.

Some START their book but are not committed to finish so that manuscript is never complete.

But some continue to promise they will start tomorrow and never do.

That is repulsive.  There might be a host of reasons, some very valid, for not taking that bold step but to continue talking about it long after everyone around them knows they will not do it is irritating, embarrassing and repulsive.

That is also destructive because they create a legacy of inaction that fosters more inaction.  What a pitiful leadership legacy.

Disruptive Leaders are Doers – not just Talkers.   

Meanwhile, a few stand apart, doing what others wished they had done. They have an idea that they are willing to explore. In that idea, some see the opportunity to help others while some are determined to enhance their careers and still others make more money. Whatever their purpose, they sense an incredible OPPORTUNITY and have a strong sense of URGENCY. So they COMMIT to the PROCESS, find the help they need and DO what is required.  They purposely go where it is uncomfortable, unpredictable and unsafe.They are the disruptive leaders who enjoy the SUCCESS. They have become a leader, an author or a creator who has a new product or service that people not only want but which disrupts the status quo.  They stand proud in their accomplishments.  No wonder they have no regrets. No wonder they are the disruptive leaders others envy.

We can say we want to do the impossible but if we settle for the mediocre, we delude ourselves. We can claim we are leaders but if we only use the label and are satisfied managing, controlling and obeying the status quo, we are just fooling ourselves.  And when we continue talking without doing, it becomes irritating to those who do.Ignite your thoughts smallPWRUNIV

This is the Time to ACT

To do the Impossible, we transform our thinking, adopting a different identity. We tap that immense energy in our passion to Unleash the UltimateTM in our performance and production. That energy drives our abilities to completion of the project and a disruption in the world around us.  We don’t stop working but we do stop making excuses.  Meanwhile, others stand amazed, wondering how we did it and wishing they could.

Which one of these categories fits you?

  • Are you serious about that bold idea?
  • Or are you content just saying you WANT to do something amazing?
  • Are you a Doer or simply a Talker?

Step across that threshold.  Be the bold leader who takes the disruptive action.  Don’t be that person who, after it is too late, COMPLAINS that they missed their opportunity.  Don’t be that jealous critic who says, “I could have done that.”

Seize your opportunity – or quit talking about what you will do tomorrow, next week or next year.

Make the commitment.

Start the work.

Ask for help.

As Nike says, “Just Do It” or quit saying you will.

Transform Your Thinking

Unleash the UltimateTM

Leverage Your Power to Do the Impossible

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I can help you bring your dream into reality. I am the author of 12 books, founder of two companies and executive coach to disruptive leaders.  But I cannot help everyone.  I can only help those who take the first step.  They must be committed to doing the impossible.  They have want to lead, write a book or start a new venture.  They cannot just talk about it.  If you are serious, contact me today and you will be surprised at what is possible with a little help.

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