Are You too Comfortable to Be a Disruptive Leader?

Kick back and relax, get comfortable.  That is what we all want, isn’t it?   We seek comfort in our jobs, finances and homes.

But at what point are we TOO comfortable? 

We become too comfortable when we believe the effort required for a great opportunity outweighs the potential return.

We have all been there.  You know, those times where we see the potential and get excited at the thought but then just as quickly get tired just thinking about the effort.

“That sounds like too much work.  I’m just not comfortable making that much effort.  I prefer to take it a little easier.” 

So the opportunity slips away.

Other times we see the potential and like what we see but doubt we could ever learn that much we so we slow down, sit down and relax, letting others do the thinking.

“I would love to do that but I am just not comfortable with that much learning.  I doubt I am that smart.  I really do prefer to let someone else lead.” 

So we turn down the exciting new opportunity, choosing to follow instead of lead.

Sometimes we delude ourselves into believing that getting comfortable is the wisest strategy, so we sit back, relax and watch as others do the heavy lifting of disruption.  We replicate instead of create, simply following the disruptive leaders.

“Pretty smart, huh.  Someone else does the thinking and all I do is repeat what they do.  That gives me more time to relax.  Why take all that risk when I can be comfortable following?”

In our relaxed state, we doze off and don’t even sense what is happening.  We get too comfortable following instead of leading and in short order, we cannot keep up.  We don’t know how it happened, but wee pass the point where we can keep  up.  We are too comfortable following the vision of others instead of pursuing our own.  No wonder we wonder how they do it.


Comfortable followers never disrupt the status quo.

It is the individual who keeps moving, determined to do the impossible that realizes the best results.

A little comfort is good but be very careful.  Laying in that hammock of obedience can lull any designated leader into a deep slumber that may just be our ultimate demise.

Is it time to wake up and get moving?  Today is the perfect time to make the change and disrupt the status quo..

To disrupt, purposely get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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