Be Willing to Be Different to Create a Revolutionary Transformation

Are you willing to be DIFFERENT?

If so, HOW DIFFERENT are you really willing to be?

Come on now, be honest.  It is just you and me here.  Let me ask it one more time in a different way.

Are you willing to be so different that people consider you WEIRD?

Whoa.  That is a tough question because most people don’t like to be different.  Why?  Because they don’t want to be seen as strange or abnormal.  They don’t want to be left out.  They want to be included.

Being included is good, they think, so they work hard to blend in and be the same.  Maybe that is why they purposely never stand out.  They never develop the COURAGE to be different.  As leaders, they play it safe.  As business professionals, they offer the same old products and services that others do.  Meanwhile they claim they want to lead and build their success but all they ever do is  REPLICATE, REPLICATE, REPLICATE what has already been done.  They make great followers – not leaders.


The 3D world is spinning faster and faster, thriving on innovation and enjoying new possibilities.   Disrupting the status quo is the mark of a 3D leader.  There is no time for replicating or following or waiting.  To purposely wait or to even hesitate forfeits any advantage.

In this new world we live in, not being different is a distinct disadvantage.  To be the same is to tell the world 3 critical messages.

  • “I am bland and boring.” 
  • “I cannot compete”
  • “I am afraid of change.” 

To lead and succeed in this 3D world, we must become disruptive leaders creating a revolutionary transformation.   We cannot simply be mere managers of the past but instead embrace bold new ideas. 

FORGET ordinary.  IGNORE replication.  SHUN popular critics.  Divergent thinkers thrive on their UNIQUENESS to create what has never been done before.

Embracing uniqueness is how we leverage the power to create valuable new ideas, products and services.  It is being so different – even to the point of being considered “weird” – that we see what most DO NOT, WILL NOT and CANNOT.  That is where the great ideas come from.  That is where the best success lies.  That is where the energy to create a revolutionary transformation is found.

Embrace your  differences. Value Your Uniqueness.  Embrace your creative vision. 


  • How are you different?
  • How does that give you an advantage?
  • How can you leverage that difference to create new products and services?

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