Are you Disciplined Enough to Create a Revolutionary Transformation?

Great things don’t just happen.

Many refuse to be disciplined, insisting on doing things in their own timing and based on how they feel.  Unfortunately, the only results we can expect are sporadic, inconsistent and rarely significant.  It is no wonder that we settle for the usual mediocre results.

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved
us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”
Zig Ziglar:

To disrupt the status quo, we must often do what we would rather not do.  We must discipline ourselves because Creating a revolutionary transformation will demand every ounce of perseverance we have.  We will have many times where we feel like quitting.  We will be doubted and challenged.  It is then that we need that discipline to stay focused and keep working.  We will be tempted to sacrifice the quality to finish but know we have to maintain our integrity.  This all takes discipline.  To do any less is to produce yet another mediocre product or service.  Wouldn’t you rather set yourself apart from the competition.

The disciplined work consistently, provide reliability and build trust.  The disciplined make steady progress while they build a strong character and an equally strong team.  No wonder they out preform and outlast the competition.DisciplineNotOption

To discipline ourselves is to continue applying that pressure that leverages our power to do the impossible.  If we loosen our grip or ease the pressure, we will never do anything out of the ordinary.  Discipline yourself and your team to Do the Impossible.

  • When do you feel like quitting?
  • Where do you need raise your standards?
  • Who can help you persevere? 

Power Tip of the Day:  When you feel like quitting, tell yourself, “I will do one more.”  You will be amazed with how much more you accomplish.

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