What are You Waiting for?

Doing what you never thought you could do is often much simpler than you thought.

You just have to start.

But many are willing to wait when it is time to act.

That is crazy.

But we all do it at one time or another.  Why?

Waiting – for the Wrong Reason

WhatAreYouWaitingForScaledWhy do they wait?

They wait until they have more knowledge.

They wait until they have more money.

They wait until they think the situation will be better.

Worse yet, they wait until they FEEL like it.


I cannot stand waiting.  You shouldn’t like it either.

Waiting is a waste of time unless there is no better option.

Unfortunately, many wait when they really don’t need to wait. They wait simply because they don’t want to start.  They let their fears trump the opportunity.  For them, waiting serves as a passive way to fail and blame it on something other than what it is – their fault.

Take responsibility – Don’t wait – Take the wise action.

Disruptive Leaders Start

To do what critics think is impossible often happens when someone simply starts what others sit.  They get up and do it.  They start the process  by taking an action.  They don’t wait for approval.  They don’t wait when there is no better time.  They definitely don’t wait until they feel like it.

Followers do that.  Followers wait for leaders to start. 

Unfortunately, many leaders wait for others to blaze a new trail.  They wait, thinking it is safer.  But by waiting for someone else to take the risk, they are no longer the leader.  Waiting for the wrong reason or at the wrong time makes us followers instead of leaders.

Seemingly impossible things happen when we simply start taking the necessary action.  The perfect time is often when we know it needs to be done.

What are you waiting for? 

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Watch for a big announcement coming soon.  I promise, it is coming, just taking a little longer than I wanted because someone else didn’t start when they said they would.

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