Nike Had it Right – Just do It

Nike had it right. “Just Do It.”

But many leaders don’t believe it.  They have too many reasons why they believe they need to wait.  We discussed that earlier this week.  But the waiting is over, the time is right and now we need to, “Just do it.”

A Lesson from Writing

One of the best pieces of advice  I have heard about writing is to “Write something everyday.”

It doesn’t have to be great literature.WriterWrite

Just write.

It doesn’t have to be or intensely intellectual.

Just write.

To be a writer, one has to write.

You cannot be a writer without writing.

When we write, we get better so waiting to write does not make us a writer nor does it make us a better writer.

So if you want to write, don’t wait, write something today.

A Leadership Lesson

The same holds for those of us seeking to do what critics claim is impossible.

Just do it. 

Nike had it right.  To turn in a top performance, it comes down to execution.

Planning is important as well but there is a time to put the plan into action.

Training is important but there is a time to perform.

Let’s face it.

You have completed the thorough assessment.  Another look won’t make any difference.

You have completed the strategy. You identified the best approach.  Another adjustment won’t make any difference.

It is time to execute the plan.

Nike has is right – Just do it. 

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