Are You Willing to Risk being Lonely to be the Disruptive Leader?

How willing are you to be lonely?

In my last post, I discussed the critical choice our ancestors made in disrupting their lives to immigrate and settle the United States.  Within that choice there is another critical risk they took. They left their family and friends to go to a strange land.  In the process, they risked being lonely.

Most people are afraid of being alone, preferring instead to clamor with the crowd.  So they never try anything that separates them or threatens to leave them alone.  They act, think and live with the crowd mindset, purposely being the same instead of being different.  They cannot imagine purposely being alone.  If they are alone, they are lonely.  For these individuals, inclusion and popularity trumps uniqueness.

“Disruptive Leaders are rarely Popular when they are Disrupting”

Loren Murfield, PhD

Meanwhile, those that are willing to be alone see a different world.  By wandering away from the crowd, we enjoy the space to see, think and live differently.  In that space we find an unobstructed view to an exhilarating vision.  We see what the crowd cannot and seize opportunities they rarely even dream about.   

Ironically, we stand alone but we are not lonely.  Yes, there are times where we are shunned for our differences but we know the benefits outweigh the challenges. In that time alone, we find solitude where we can see, think and plan.  It is there that we willingly choose to stand alone with our seemingly impossible vision rather than in a crowded room full of ordinary thinkers and minimal opportunities.

POWER TIP of the Day:  To disrupt the status quo, step away from the crowd and leverage your leadership power to see, hear and do what the crowd cannot.

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