Do You Need a Push Today to be a Disruptive Leader?

push-150175Disrupting often takes a Push.

We want to do the impossible but there is something holding us back. – until we are pushed faster and father.

Do we welcome the push?  Or do we resist?

As leaders in a radically changing world, we rarely maximize our ultimate potential – even when we think we are.  There is usually another level in us but we don’t realize it – until something happens to push us faster and farther.

Pushed to Run Faster

I haven’t been able to run much this week due to a busy schedule. I knew I would be late again tonight so I interrupted my writing schedule to get in a run. I also knew I had been running mostly on the treadmill and needed the extra workout running outside. So off I went.

I noticed a rainbow as soon as I stepped out the door. “Nice.” I turned on my music and hit the road. Getting into stride, I started to relax and get into my rhythm. At the .75 mile mark, I started to feel a few drops of rain. “Oh oh.” So I kept going.

A half mile later, it was more of a steady drizzle. I increased my speed. “I guess I’ll work on the speed today.”

By the 2 mile mark I heard thunder. “Not good, better run faster.”

A short while later, I was tiring and felt like walking a short stretch. But then I saw flashes of lightning. “Can’t walk now.” The lightening kept flashing. I pushed myself faster when I otherwise would have walked. By the end of the 3.3 miles, I was wet and tired but safe.

As I look back on it, I learned a critical lesson: As motivated as we may be, at times we can use a little push.

I ran faster because I had an outside force threatening me.  I said I was motivated but didn’t realize there was another gear until I encountered the possibility of a lightning strike.

Improved Performance, Production & Profits

As leaders, we want our team to fun faster, unleashing the ultimate performance, production and profits.  We can focus on the external threats and live in fear, choosing to quit instead of push on to run faster.  To be the disruptive leader, we choose to push on, running faster and farther than we would have without the threat.

  • What threats are you facing today?
  • How can you use that to improve your team’s performance, production and profits?

POWER TIP of the DAY:  Allow the external events and forces to propel you forward faster and farther.


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