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DisruptiveLeadersStHelens35 years ago Mt.St. Helen’s erupted.  At the time, we were all stunned by how this once lush landscape was almost instantly turned into a moonscape.  But hidden in that anniversary of such radical disruption are 3 important lessons for those who aspire to be a disruptive leader.

Check out the the 55 second point of this video where the whole side of the mountain slid away followed by explosions. I grieve for those that lost their lives but I am also appreciative what we can learn from this devastating natural occurrence.  .

First, Be Willing to Change.

Some, like the famous holdout Harry Truman, refused to leave his lodge and suffered his demise. Like Harry, we can be obstinate to change, dig in our heels and sit on our comfortable front porch where, unfortunately, we will obliterated by the blast of sudden change.  We all have a decision to make.  Leaders watch the trends and choose to prepare so they are not a casualty of rapid and radical change.

Second, Be Wise in Taking the Risk

Many thought they were safe that Sunday morning because they stayed outside the government’s restricted zone.  Unfortunately the government didn’t get it right and the blast was far worse than predicted.  Lives were lost. The lesson is  that disruption is difficult to predict.  No one really knows the exact moment it will occur.  The sad part is that most of those who died did not need to be there.  They were hiking, camping and fishing – not working.  Was it really that important to be that close? No. The recreation could have waited or they could have gone somewhere else.

Third, Prepare for the Recovery that Will Occur

The eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s destroyed a pristine landscape and many wondered if it would ever recover.  But it wasn’t long and green shoots began to push through the layers of ash and not long later the animals returned.  Today, there are still signs of disruption but the landscape has recovered quite well.

That is a lesson for leaders today.  Many give up hope when such drastic disruption occurs.  They quit looking ahead, instead focus solely on what was lost.  They miss an important lesson:  What appears to be permanently devastated will soon become manageable and filled with great opportunities.  If continue to look ahead and prepare for dramatic change, we can sense and seize the best opportunities before anyone else.

3D POWER Tip of the Day: Devastation will Occur – Be Prepared

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