What are You Willing to Sacrifice to be the Disruptive Leader?

We will never forgetThe essence of great leadership is disruption. While followers maintain the status quo, it takes a special individual to make radical changes in the world. We can be that disruptive leader – if we are willing to make the sacrifice.

As we pause today to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country, we use this Memorial Day to purposely pause and remember so we as leaders can make a much better tomorrow.

But there is a challenge in remembering.  Often we look back and lament the loss or we look back and relish the victory.  But we can also remember the sacrifice so we can set the stage to radically change the future.

Here are 5 ways.

1. DISRUPTIVE leaders remember those who toiled in silence.

Remember those who sacrificed, not those who griped and complained. Focus on those who appreciated their position, valued their duty and simply did what they knew was right – at the right time

  • Who served and sacrificed in the shadows of past success?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice in the same way? 

2. DISRUPTIVE leaders remember those that set the stage for their success.

DISRUPTIVE leaders have a sense of history and appreciation for those who sacrificed and broke through barriers so it would be easier for those that followed. Often our heroes are not just the great leaders but also the foot soldiers who toiled on the front lines, literally blazing the trail.

  • Who is your hero that set the stage for your success?
  • Who are you setting the stage for?
  • What do you need to sacrifice to set the stage for their specific success?

3. DISRUPTIVE leaders remember those who trusted enough to follow and sacrifice.

Many follow but the best do so because they ultimately trust their leader. Followers will dedicate their lives for those they trust, either at their side, up ahead or well behind.

  • Who has served you because they trusted you?
  • Who still serves you because they continue to trust you?
  • What will you sacrifice to continually earn their trust?

4. DISRUPTIVE leaders remember what was sacrificed.

Those who disrupt understand the sacrifice that is needed. It might be excessive time and effort, or giving up comfort, finances or personal freedom. For some, like the soldiers we honor today, it might have cost them their very lives. To do anything great takes a team where everyone willingly works together .

  • What have others sacrificed to make your disruption possible?
  • What will you sacrifice so others can disrupt? 

5. DISRUPTIVE leaders remember the important lessons learned in sacrifice.

DISRUPTIVE leaders not only remember who and what was sacrificed but also the lesson learned in every sacrifice. Sacrifice is costly and wasted unless we learn valuable lessons from them.

  • What have you learned from the sacrifice others have made to set the stage for your success?
  • What lessons can others learn from your sacrifice? 

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