Secret #2: Disruptive Leaders Choose their Own Destiny as a Disruptive Leader

“It’s My Life.”

Those are more than lyrics to BonJovi’s big hit.  It is the disruptive leader’s mantra.  It is the passionate plea, the determined declaration, the marching manifesto  that disruptive leaders make when doing the impossible.

There is no misunderstanding.  It is clear for everyone to hear.

We Own our Destiny.  

Many misunderstand this bold statement.  They don’t understand that when we are creating something phenomenal that has not been done before, we  don’t let anyone dictate the results.  We sure don’t voluntarily forfeit those ultimate results nor do we simply expect it happen.  Instead, we purposely control our own destiny.  When we do, we leverage our power to do what others think is impossible. 

1-DSC_0861-001Many miss that point, thinking it is a secret that no one can know or share.  They believe they are not in control but are just a feather in the wind, blown mercilessly and passively to their ultimate fate. Isn’t that pathetic?

Maybe that is why so many go to work at a place they don’t really like. Maybe they comply because that J.O.B. (just over broke) pays the bills while giving them comfort and predictability.  Maybe that is why they let others dictate their future.   They hope things will work out for the best, often saying, “you just never know.”  Those people make the choice to settle instead of strive. Too often it is you and me.  In the end, they (or shall we say “we”) are miserable or convince themselves it is the best that we can do. We have the opportunity in front of us but  we quit learning and striving, settling for what is easy, convenient or uncontroversial.  Instead of reaching for the ultimate that would require commitment, competitiveness or collaboration, we settle for the immediate and mediocre satisfaction while wondering why we are frustrated.  We have given over the deed to our own destiny by the mediocre choices we made.  Isn’t that sad?

Your Destiny to Disrupt is Your choice

To disrupt the status quo and do what others think is impossible, we must transform this thinking and stake our claim to that undying commitment to break the mold, to go farther and faster, bigger and better, higher and more heavenly.  That commitment comes when we are no longer willing to accept the future others give us.  It comes when we become intolerant of their fateful predictions for us.  It comes when we are willing to stand up and make our own decision about what we want, where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

It comes when we purposely make the choice to become that disruptive leader.  Choose to go beyond following.  Be the leader that does it much better, faster or cheaper.

  • Are you letting others dictate the results?
  • How willing are you to invest in the future many would label as “impossible” ?
  • Are you making the choice to own your own destiny or are you giving it away?

3D PWR Tip: Make the Conscious Choice to Determine Your Own Destiny

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