Secret #3: What are You Willing to Pay to Create a Revolutionary Transformation?

What are you willing to pay?  How much money, time and effort are you willing to give to do the impossible?

Many of us don’t know that answer.  It is a secret that we won’t even tell ourselves and are afraid to ask.   The result is that we settle for less, often content with mediocre when we could have had the ultimate.

Disruptive leaders are different.  They willingly ask the tough question so they can plan, build and ultimately OWN their own success. In the end, they are determined to do what no one thought possible.  They make pay what most would not.

Our challenge today is to ask ourselves the difficult question.  What are you willing to pay to create that revolutionary transformation?

When we answer that question, we will learn the third secret of being the disruptive leader.


Paying for Your Destiny

To own our destiny means we are willing to pay for it.  We all pay for the destiny we get with our commitment, diligence and responsibility.  We pay for it over and over, every minute of every day.  Everyone of us are paying for what we get but the critical question is, “What are we paying for?” 

Are we paying toward our ultimate destiny or we are merely working for mediocre?

By cutting corners and putting ourselves on the cheap plan to mediocrity, we fix our fate to be disgruntled followers going to the same old place.  We pay for mediocre and are angry we don’t get the ultimate.  We convince ourselves it isn’t worth it and refuse to pay what it costs.  No wonder we often become the critics, claiming “it is impossible” while whining and complaining that no one will cooperate and give us what they have.  That is how we sabotage our own destiny.

Is there any wonder we are frustrated and surprised when someone does something remarkable?

The Payment

In the end, our destiny is up to us.  It is ultimately our individual choice.

Your destiny is your choice.  My destiny is my choice.  The only question is whether or not I am willing to pay for it.

The third secret to becoming a disruptive leader is to own your own destiny.You are the one who will radically alter the landscape.  You will be the one who does it better, faster or cheaper.  But it isn’t cheap.

You pay for it with your mind – learning about the markets, products, politics and whatever else is needed to disrupt the status quo. The learning curve may be sharp but the challenge will pay off.

You pay for it with your body – doing the work, developing the skills and exerting the efforts to make that dream your destiny. The long hours take a toll but you know the payment is well spent.

You pay for it with your spirit, continually knowing who you are, why you are pursuing that dream and how it will change the world. Despite the critics, you pay by believing in yourself, in the project and the potential.  You live not just for today, but for eternity, leaving a lasting legacy that will allow others to own their destiny.

  • Are you investing your mind, body and spirit in creating a revolutionary transformation?
  • Or are you willing to pay for mediocre results?

Do you Control Your Destiny?

If not, why not?

What do you need to do to Buy it Back?   

3D PWR Tip: Control Your Own Destiny by Owning Your Own Story

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