Secret #4: Disruptive Leaders Author their Own Story

Many are content to let someone else tell their story.  They believe that someone else is better at determining what it means and how important it is.  They even let them dictate who the main characters were and what role they played.

The disruptive leader is the author of their own success. 

Even more, they write their own story, dictating the plot, crafting the characters and elevating the ending.   When we choose our own destiny and pay for it with our mind, body and spirit, we sure don’t want someone else writing what it means.

That is the fourth secret of a disruptive leader.

AuthorYourStoryWho is writing your success story? 

Those that do the seemingly impossible understand that we are the authors of our own story of success.  That is why we can know the ending before it happens.  We are the authors so we design the plot, see the obstacles beforehand  and characters needed to write this compelling story.  We know our own part and how, as much as others dispute the fact, we know how it will all end.

At the same time, followers and critics wait for someone else to write their story and hope it will turn out well.  They don’t believe they can design their own plot, shape their own character or write their own conclusion so they stand in disbelief, claiming that one cannot predict the future and cannot know how it will all turn out.  They say, “It isn’t that simple.  It isn’t that easy.”  So they let others shape the message of their own lives.

The Secret Leverage

The secret is that when we become the disruptive leader, we know who we are, why we live, how we approach challenges and where it can make a difference.  We know the level of success that is available and what we want.  We are the ones who are unwilling to settle for anything less significant.  We are also the ones demanding the ultimate of ourselves, doing whatever is required to write that story the way it needs to be written.  Furthermore, we are committed to the ultimate and in some way, shape or form, we will have it.  The end result may change in form but not in essence.  As disruptive leaders, we  know that no one can keep us from living our dream – if we own it. 

When we choose to author our own story as a disruptive leader, we leverage our power to do what others think is absolutely crazy, impossible and beyond comprehension.  We do things that are better, faster or cheaper and then disrupt the marketplace.  Isn’t that the stories everyone wants to read, hear and tell? 

Do you Control Your Destiny?

If not, why not?

What do you need to do to Buy it Back?   

3D PWR Tip: Author Your Own Story

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