Secret #5: What Must be Disrupted Today?

What happens if you do not disrupt today?  What happens if you wait?  Will you miss an incredible opportunity?

Many never do anything significant because they are too comfortable.  You have heard me say that before, but today, as we discuss the fifth secret of becoming a disruptive leader, I have to ask, “Why are you waiting?”  “Do you have a sense of urgency?” “Is there really any better time to act than right now?”

Secret #5:  Disruptive Leaders have a Strong Sense of Urgency.

Urgency is the sense that something cannot wait.  It is that time where if something is not done right now, a great opportunity will be missed.  Urgency is also that sense that without that immediate action, we will encounter considerable pain.  Either way, we cannot afford to wait.  We MUST act NOW!

Disruptive Leaders know that each opportunity has a window of time where they can seize it.  Wait too long and it will be missed.  Act too early and we may blow the opportunity.  Timing is everything.

In other words, Disruptive Leaders know it is STUPID to wait when the OPPORTUNITY is available. 

Disruptive Leaders recognize that opportunities are the intersection of events that provide the best chance to get what we ultimately want.  We learn to follow the trends and forecast when and where they will intersect.  If we know where, we then look for when it will happen.  Timing becomes all important.  Wait too long and someone else might beat us to it.  Wait too long and there may be no market for it.  We must act in the perfect time – and that time is usually right now.  We cannot wait.  To be the Smart Leader who Disrupts, we must have a strong sense of urgency.

Life or Death Urgency

You know the story.  On April 14, 1970 the crew heard an explosion.  In other circumstances, this might not have been a problem, but as the crew of Apollo 13, losing oxygen in outer space was critical.  Failure, as Gene Kranz would say, is not an option.  Urgency was of the essence.

You have likely seen the movie to know that the ground crew worked feverishly to find a solution to repair the problem and save their colleagues.  Time was of the essence.

In the same way, everyday leaders work to solve problems that will change their world.  As I mentioned last week, there are different reasons for this urgency.  That is why Disruptive Leaders are often impatient.  We know that time waits for no one and that opportunities are seized on a first come, first served basis.  The same holds true in life or death situations.  We cannot afford to wait one minute.  We must act fast.  We must act now.

UrgencyYour Urgency Level?

Rate your urgency level today.

Are you a 10, knowing you have to act right now?  Is there too much to lose to wait one more minute?

Are you a 5, not in any great hurry but know something will need to be done?

Or are you a 1, content waiting, sitting back and settling for the results you get?

Disruptive leaders accomplish great things because they are compelled to act right now, too impatient to let someone else beat them or something else defeat them.  For the disruptive leader, failure is definitely no option.

3D PWR Tip of the Day:  Take action right now – don’t wait. 

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