Secret #6: Disruptive Leaders have an Unrelenting Need to Achieve

Disruptive leaders do what followers and critics claim is impossible in part because they have a compelling need to achieve.  There is something inside of them that wants more.  Do you have that drive?  Or are you content with being comfortable and safe?

Secret #6: Disruptive Leader Have An Unrelenting Need to Achieve

Some call it drive.  Others call it motivation.  Still others call it a compulsion. The words vary but they all refer to a passion to achieve something far beyond what they have so far.

When we look at the disruptive leaders, we notice that they have something that most do not.  They are compelled to achieve at a high level.  It is not just a wish or a passing dream.  Instead it is a compulsion, a drive, an uncontrollable passion to the point of becoming an addiction to succeeding at a high level.  Failure is definitely not an option for the disruptive leader.

Maybe that is why they (we) are not content with the status quo and are willing to turn our worlds upside down to accomplish what we set out to do.  That is why we leave the civilization of our thinking for the wilderness of what can be.  We cannot tolerate replicating because that has already been done.  Instead we create because there is a need for what we set out to achieve.  We must achieve.  We must be successful.  Failure is not an option.

The Reason for this Need to Achieve

Some have a powerful need to achieve  more money while others need to be important
and still others need to make a critical difference.   The drive may come from a variety of sources but what matters most is the presence of that unrelenting drive.  Disruptive leaders know that if there is no strong need to achieve, people settle for what is easy.  The disruptive leader wants more.  Followers will settle for comfortable but the disruptive leader demands progress.  Disruptive leaders cannot settle for the status quo.

A Compelling Example 

Nancy Frates received some news she never wanted to hear – her son was diagnosed with ALS.  Nancy and her family were not celebrities nor wealthy but had a passion for her family and for living .  They shared an unrelenting need to find a cure quickly so Pete would not die.  Together they devised a plan to get the word out about the need for this research and cure. Their passionate desire wouldn’t let them sleep or even leave the house in an effort to raise money and find a cure.  They even had to be reminded to eat.  The Ice Bucket Challenge emerged and to their surprise, raised over $125 million in just one year.  None of this would have happened had Nancy and her family not had a compulsory need to achieve.  It all started with an urgency to do something that they never thought they could do.  Unfortunately, Pete did not survive and a cure has not found yet.  But their efforts did bring worldwide attention and great research funding for a long neglected disease.  Without their urgency, none of this would have happened.

NeedToAchieveWhat if You Don’t have It?

I believe that almost everyone has an unrelenting need to achieve.  It might be buried beneath a string of defeats, a pile of frustration or layers of lousy advise.   The challenge is to find our passion for living at a higher level.  Sometimes it comes when a loved one is diagnosed, other times when we lose a job or relationship.  In the end, just because we haven’t had that need to achieve doesn’t mean we cannot develop it.

In fact, there is no better time to develop that need to achieve.  We live in a world of almost endless opportunities.  Never before have we had the ability to so quickly resurrect our faded dreams, find a new lucrative career or launch a dynamic new businesses.

Once we realize what we thought was impossible is now possible, we can begin to sense and seize those incredible new opportunities.  We find that unrelenting need to achieve by transforming our thinking, ditching the old comfortable mindset for a strategic pattern that seizes the opportunities.  That is where our world begins to change.

But realize, we cannot disrupt with thinking that is corrupt.  

3D PWR Tip of the Day:  Tap into Your Compelling Need to Achieve

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