Where do Disruptive Leaders get their High Energy?

Let’s face it. Disruptive Leaders have more energy than most.  They start earlier, push harder and stay longer than those comfortable with the status quo.  What is their secret? Where does that energy come from?  How can we get it?


Correcting the 2D Distortions of Disruptive Energy

In the old two dimensional world, the thinkers told the doers what to do and the doers obeyed.  The thinkers had the energy needed to do the impossible.  The doers did not.

But that has all changed in this new world I call the “3D World.”  With the mobile connection to virtually unlimited information, we moved from the 2D “bark and jump” management style to a 3D “Create and Transform” world of possibilities.  Switching from 2D to 3D reveals 3 critical distortions that warped our vision and continue to frustrate our success.

First, disruptive leaders are not born with a high energy gene. It is not something inherited as a trait passed down from one generation to another. High energy is not passively inherited but can be proactively developed by tapping into our individual power source.

Second, high energy is not something limited to a few select people. Despite a common misunderstanding, generating high energy is NOT reserved for the elite – it an egalitarian opportunity available to all.  

Third, high energy is not a matter of willpower or coercion.  It is not something a great leader demands of themselves, daily driving themselves to get up, work harder and stay longer.  That ultimate intensity cannot be continually forced lest we burn out.  We may have short burst of high energy when dictated by a leader or demanded by the situation, but the sustainable high energy is much better generated by a passion.  High energy is generated and flows freely from an abundance of passion.  

The 3D Energy Secret

The 3D view of power reveals that generating high energy is an  “inside-out”  rather than an “outside-in” process that provides continual, easily renewable, long lasting and incredibly efficient energy available to everyone willing to employ the process. High energy is caught, generated and flows freely by anyone connected to their passion. 

Somewhere along the way, whether in childhood influenced by high energy parents or learned as an adult following a series of frustrations, disruptive leaders learned to tap into energy that keeps them going, pushing them to do one more thing when others decide to quit. They find a passion that provides a continual supply of abundant energy. That is what drives them. They continually tap into their dream, goal or vision.  They find something constantly within that makes life exhilarating.  When anyone finds that, it is no longer “them” but “me.”  The impossible becomes possible – not just for some lucky person but for ME.  In that process, you and I become uncomfortable with being safe in a predictable world.  You and I become curious and daring, willing to take a risk because we have a vision of what can be that is so much better than what currently is.  No wonder we no longer are willing to follow, simply doing what someone tells us we should do.  No wonder, we quit following and start to lead.    

The secret is that we can all become that high energy leader who disrupts the status quo. We become energized when we find our passion.  But what is even better is that each of our team members can become a high energy leader as well.  We will talk about that more next week so follow this blog to be the first to read about it.

  • Do you want to be that high energy leader or are you content following others?
  • Are you tapping into your passion daily or frustrated trying to comply with the demands of others?
  • Imagine the possibilities when you begin seeing in 3D. 

3D PWR Tip:  Tap into your Passion to find your Ultimate Energy.

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