How do Disruptive Leaders deal with Lazy Employees?

Over the years I have heard a number of leaders complain about their “lazy employees.” They complain about those that don’t have much of any energy, much less a high level of energy. Some leaders suggest they need a good motivational speech while others suggest a strong kick in the pants. Most wished they could just fire them. Some do.

But what about those high energy disruptive leaders? What do they do?

As an executive coach and keen observer, I have noticed how disruptive leaders use six steps to transform that follower to a leader that helps the team do the impossible.LazyEmployees

First, they recognize that “lazy” is not a DNA trait but rather a power disconnect. Disruptive Leaders believe that everyone has high energy once they tap into their own passion.

Second, they take the time and focus their energy on listening to their team member’s internal world. They purposely shift from the external to the internal perspective. This is a significant shift, one that many leaders refuse to make and one that many more don’t know how to make. Disruptive leaders shift their own perspective first.

Third, they help the individual focus on their passion and opportunities rather than the negative obstacles.  The disruptive leader then probes and listens compassionately for what that individual would love to do. They notice the good and work to unveil the potential.  There is no judgment.  They just want to understand and empathize.  In the end, this is the beginning of a SWOT analysis but far more powerful.  Disruptive leaders help team members find their own passion.

Fourth, it is at that point that the disruptive leader shares their own passionate dream, vision and goal in a way that displays a genuine transparency. They share how they found their passion and why it is so important.  Notice I said “share” not “tell.”  Sharing is freely giving for the benefit of the other.  Sharing is displays a collaborative and compassionate spirit.  Disruptive leaders share their own energy – and it is contagious.  

Fifth, they invite the employee to become a team member, one that collaborates willingly and excitedly. They explain what it takes to play an important part on the team where that person fits.  The disruptive leader shares the vision of how that person can play an important role immediately.   They share the significance of the role, linking the small tactical action to the grand strategic vision.  Disruptive leaders share the opportunity.

Sixth, disruptive leaders let individual choose their own course of action. It cannot be demanded, dictated or even delegated. High energy is ultimately their choice. We can identify the opportunities but the ultimate choice is theirs.  Disruptive leaders let others determine their own destiny. 

If the employee wants to engage, great! If they don’t, then the best option is for them to pursue their opportunities elsewhere. But even in that option, the disruptive leader wants the best for that individual and is determined to leverage the potential power in their team.

 3D PWR Tip: Look beyond “lazy” to the passion hidden inside.  

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