Why Won’t They Follow You? 3 Common Reasons

I recently attended a Home Owners Association meeting and was quite struck by three important lessons in leadership. Unfortunately,  the leadership, either forgot, neglected or failed to learn them.  In the end, they were frustrated by how so few were willing to get involved. So they blamed others and complained about how hard they worked.

Unfortunately, they missed an incredible opportunity. 

Let’s revisit these three lessons so you can engage your team better, sensing and seizing the best opportunities in this modern world of rapid and radical change. Who knows, maybe this is the key to transforming your success, creating a more productive culture and delivering the ultimate profitsDisengaged

Let’s take a look.

  1. People disengage when they sense they have no decision.

Quite frankly, we all want a choice, we want to be able to make a decision that matters. It isn’t that we want to make the decision for everyone but that we want a say in those things that affect our own lives.

This is especially true in this 3D world. Since the release of the smart phone in 2007, we have choices unheard of before. We have connectivity to data that provides knowledge that leads to more choices. We have mobility that adds additional choices. To lead and expect others to follow simply because you hold a position and they do not is like using being determined to use a rotary dial phone on a short cord. It may work in some situations but it limits your opportunities.

Leverage your Leadership Power – give your team meaningful decisions, especially over issues that concern them.

  1. People disengage when they fail to see that you provide any real value.

In the old 2D world, followers had little choice so they had to be content with what leaders provided. But since we all have more choices today, why make those same choices? It is no longer a “seller’” but a “buyer’s” market. If your team is not engaging, it may be because you are not offering the enough value.

Leverage your Leadership Power – provide incredible value.

  1. People disengage when they feel they can offer no value.

Because we have more decisions and can find value in many different places, we choose wisely where we can provide value. After all, why waste our time and energy with an organization that doesn’t seem to value what we have to offer?

Leverage your Leadership Power – find a way for good people to contribute value.

3D PWR Tip: Make following easier.

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