Making Great Leadership Easier

There is a better way – and it is actually easier. But many don’t want to hear it. Do you?

“It doesn’t have to be Hard”

I attended an HOA meeting recently and was stunned by the president’s approach. This was a special meeting to discuss an increase in fees designed for renovations on front gate security. Since there is only one gate, this issue affected all 550 of the homeowners.  In this single meeting, h

  • He thought it was too difficult to communicate with residents outside of official meetings. If people wanted to have a voice, they have to come to the meetings.
  • He considered it unnecessary to use anything but a hard copy newsletter.
  • He claimed he couldn’t send a mass emails because it it was impossible to get a complete list of emails. Without a complete list, it was a waste of time.
  • He wouldn’t take an individual vote on the proposal because it would be too much work.
    Therefore, this was a board decision.

Throughout the discussion, he kept repeating the same mantra in different ways.

  • “I don’t have time for all that.”
  • “We are volunteers.”
  • “We don’t get paid.”
  • “We have to do what is easy.”

No wonder frustration filled the room when the “slam dunk” proposal was highly contentious and too close to call.

“I don’t know what we will do. This is going to be difficult.”

Leverage Power

It didn’t have to be this difficult.  In fact, it could have been easy.


  • Instead of brute force, he could have leveraged his power.
  • Instead of seeing obstacles, he could have focused on the opportunities.
  • Instead of speaking in his own defense, he could have listened to find the best solution.

By listening with an open mind, leaders create a culture of participation where followers want to contribute and become leaders. In other words, listening lightens the load. Instead of trying to lift that boulder by yourself, lengthen the lever, position it wisely and not only does it take less energy, many more are willing to offer their energy. With that extra energy and new approach, you will be able to do what you once thought impossible.   Leverage Easier small

3D PWR Tip: When we Think about it – there is a better way.

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