5 Easy Ways to Lead Disruptive Teams

Many don’t disrupt the market because they fear it ItsABoutThemis too much work.  They think it is too hard to motivate their team or too hard to come up with the great ideas.

While I understand the concerns, I have found that leveraging the power we already have will make leading disrupting teams much easier.

Here are 5 ways.

1. Forget Control – Foster Creativity. 

Many are caught up in the traditional management mindset seek to constrain behavior to guarantee the best results.  While that model may work in a manufacturing setting where replication is critical, it is counterproductive in creative settings. Creativity is fostered when leaders allow the team member to engage with the challenge.  Forget trying to control them – let them connect by offering their own ideas.  Disruption is much easier that way.

2. Foster the Challenge. 

Many have been following so long they don’t know how to see the opportunity embedded  in the obstacle.  That is where you come in – seeing what they have not.  Share the vision with them and encourage them to join you in this quest.  Your team will likely welcome being involved as long as you do it with a sharing attitude.   That gives you leverage to disrupt and leverage is much easier than brute force.

3. Facilitate their Engagement. 

It is often difficult to know how to engage in a project if we do not know the rules of the game.  As the leader, you set the rules.  But remember, rules for innovation are designed to set them free rather than constrict them.  Instead of rules, think of them as parameters in which the goal will be accomplished.  Set the stage, tentatively define their role and then let them play the part the way they see best.   You will find that the results are better and it really is a lot easier.

4. Foster the Growth. 

Those engaging in the challenge will try something new if they are not criticized.  Encourage their ideas, knowing that it is often the most absurd idea that leads to the breakthrough.  The more you encourage their creativity, the easier it is to break through.  Your role in the disruption is steering the project instead of pushing the people.  That is definitely easier.

5. Favor Their Success. 

Everyone wants to be on the winning team.  Everyone really does love to succeed.  At the same time, everyone wants to know they have played a significant part.  They really don’t want to be overlooked or taken advantage of.  So as the disruptive leader, you can make it happen easier when you praise the incremental successes.  That is leveraging your power.

3D PWR Tip: Learning to Leverage Power Leads to Quicker and Better Results

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