Are you Aiming too Low to be a Disruptive Leader?

What are you aiming for?

As I look back, I realize that I was aiming for the wrong target.  dart-board-25780_1280

I tried being a follower, aiming for comfort and safety, preferring to aim low so my expectations were not violated.  That was not satisfying nor did it work very well so I changed my focus, aiming higher.

I tried being a Manager, aiming for control, determined to drive consistent results to ensure my safety. Even that was quickly frustrating so I aimed even higher.

So I became a Leader, aiming to make incremental change, seeking to innovate just enough to stay relevant and go ahead ahead of the competition.  But even in the position of power, too often my aim fell short and the competition eclipsed my success.

No wonder I was frustrated.  Now wonder I didn’t fit in.  Now wonder I couldn’t find my stride.

So I began entertaining thoughts that were further down the road or found in a completely different direction.  Some said these were “too radical” and “crazy thoughts.”  Most quickly dismissed them as mere “dreams” that would never become reality.


My Decision

I realized I had a choice.  I could refocus and aim lower, pretty much guaranteeing a success or I could aim higher, take a chance and do something even greater.  I knew that would be a lonely road because so few are willing to leave that civilization for the wilderness.

But that is the choice the disrupting demands of us.  We cannot muddle in mediocrity and expect the ultimate.  Maybe that is why it was so easy to ultimately decide to change my aim and become a Disruptive Leader.

I decided to Unleash the Ultimate(R).  I could no longer be content with the status quo.  To go there, I had to consider what others thought were crazy.  I had to entertain the “What if I  . . .?”  and follow it up with, “Why not?”  My critics claimed superiority, predicting my demise and proclaiming my sad fate.  But what they didn’t understand was that in seeking big change, short-term results are not my concern.  I live to disrupt for the long-term.  That is what I will be measured by.

Your Choice

Disruptive leaders have a different aim than followers, managers or even positional leaders.  We aim for a bulls eye on a different target.  No wonder we turn a deaf ear to the critics.  When the mission is to make a better world, no one is served  when we sacrifice the ultimate for the ordinary, mundane short-term results.

But enough about me.  What are you aiming for?  Are you content with safe, “short-term results” or are you restless until you deliver the big change?  Are you willing to join me as a disruptive leader? 

Choose to disrupt.  It might not be as safe or as predictable but, in the end, it is what makes the ultimate difference.

3D PWR Tip: Leverage You Power by Aiming for Disruption

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