Are You Bold Enough to Lead Disruption?

How bold are you?

Richard Branson is known for his bold approach to business.  He is willing to tackle industry giants like British Airways and some of the world’s most devastating social problems.  He is known to say that he doesn’t enter into any business venture unless he can disrupt that industry.

But the quote below is one that offers a radical divergent from what most of us have been taught.  Commit to the great opportunity and THEN learn how to do it.  In other words, DON’T WAIT.

That is pretty bold.  There are three things that I like about that disruptive approach.

First, there is an URGENCY.  Branson’s approach illustrates a strong sense of urgency that waits for no one or anything.  It shows the brevity of opportunity and how quickly we must respond less it disappear.

Do you sense the urgency in the opportunities available? 

Second, there is a FLEXIBILITY.  Committing to the opportunity requires that we entertain new ideas, meet different people and attempt new ventures.  We purposely disrupt our rigidity to remain pliable in our willingness to pursue the best opportunities.

Are you willing to break from your hard, old habits? 

Third, this shows a CONFIDENCE that you can learn and seize the best of opportunities.  There isn’t a debilitating fear but a bold confidence that the opportunity is within reach.  It is NOT too big for us.

I like that – and I’m not one of those overly confident people from birth.  In fact, I suffered from a lack of confidence for years.  I like this mindset because it shows that confidence is an attitude that can be learned based on our past successes and our hope for the future.The negative past does not have to repeat itself.  Doubt and failure is NOT our Destiny.  Instead, we determine our own destiny based on the confidence, flexibility and urgency we take into business and life.  In the end, confidence is choice, an attitude we choose to develop, not a curse that crushes our dreams.

Do you choose to be confident enough to accept the challenge? 

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