8 Critical Reasons Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail – and How You can Make Yours Successful

What is your New Year’s Resolution?New Years 2016

You know the question is coming.  You will be at some party or in a casual conversation when someone will ask that popular question.

How will you answer? 

You will probably answer like most.  Most will focus on their personal lives, resolving to lose weight, exercise more or drink less.  Some will resolve to work less and play more. Others will plan something more lofty, saying this is the year that they will start their own business, write that long sought after book or get out of that dead end job.

Unfortunately, most will fail.

Why?  Why do many people claim they will disrupt their lives every year and so few actually do?

That goes for business too.  Why do so many leaders have lofty of goals and say they will disrupt following a motivational presentation, a vital training session or a new hire?  Yet, that disruption never happens.  Why?Book Cover . 3

In my first book, Chevettes to Corvettes:  Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business, I detailed 8 reasons why so many settle for ordinary when they could have the ultimate.

  • They have no vision.  They  cannot see beyond their present circumstances to see what it can be like after the disruption.
  • They have no confidence that they can make the disruption.
  • They have no compelling motivation to disrupt.  They are comfortable with the current circumstances, even though they whine about wanting something better.
  • They don’t believe disruption is worth the cost. The change would be nice but not if they have to do that much work.
  • They don’t believe the disruption is the right thing to do.  This is maybe the most debilitating because they don’t believe the principle of change is best for who they are.
  • They say are too busy.  After all, they have more on their plate now than they can possibly get done so how can they take on any more?
  • They are tired.  Because they have so much they are currently doing, they are simply wore out and claim they don’t have the energy to take on that radical change.
  • They have no process to disrupt.  Many New Year’s Resolutions fail because they have no strategy for change.  In other words, they don’t know how to go from where they are to where they really want to be.

As you are asked that question this week, take a moment to stop and think about 5 steps that can help you make a serious New Year’s Resolution.

First, STOP.  Don’t answer right away. Most resolutions fail because they are knee jerk reactions and emotional responses.

Second, OBSERVE.  Look around and you will see that 2016 offers even better opportunities than a year ago.  You can disrupt the world but only if you are serious about making the radical change.

ThirdTHINK.  Strategically consider each of the 8 elements.  Decide what is most important – your vision, motivation and confidence level.    Is this change important enough to make the time and generate the energy?  Is it important enough to pay the price to learn a new process?  Is this change right for you?

Fourth, COMMIT.  Are you willing to make this disruption a priority?  If so, you are ready to respond.  If not, STOP and admit it to yourself.

Fifth, COMMENT – IF You Choose.  Now you are ready to give a serious response, even if it is just a playful game and the social question of the night.  But to respond is your choice.  It might be more valuable to quietly resolve to make the change than announce it.  You make the choice.

Watch for my posts over the next six weeks where I reveal the six steps that will that take you from where you are to where you ultimately want to be in your career, leadership, business or personal life.

3D PWR Tip: Making Your New Year’s Resolution can be the Disruption You Ultimately Desire

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