What Radical Success Do You See in 2016?


We all have been there.  Remember  that time when you were so totally surprised by an opportunity that you didn’t have time to respond? Remember how you wished you could have seen it coming?

If you were there with her neighbors, you might not have seen the opportunities either.  They all worked hard to eek out a living in that harsh landscape. While everyone else was focused on their practical, daily tasks, she kept her eyes focused on what many thought would be impossible.

One day came and went, then another and another.  But she was diligent, maintaining her focus while doing her work.   Then one day she something caught her eye.  It was tiny and hidden in the dirt.  She reached down and carefully picked it up.  Brushing it off, she realized it was something of incredible value.  But instead of shouting about it, she kept it a secret and continued looking.  Some days later, she discovered another and then yet another.  Over the weeks and months,  she gathered a collection of tiny, shiny  stones.  Then one day she took them to the dealer who offered her a surprising amount of money.  The offer was beyond what she expected, even more than she could have imagined.  It was so much that it made her rich, establishing her family as the elite of the city.  When news spread, many clamored to search the surrounding property, only to be disappointed they had missed their opportunity.

If only they had had looked earlier.

Do you want that kind of vision?

Last week we discussed why most New Years Resolutions fail and how we can make 2016 our best year ever. As we continue to that goal, today we look at developing our vision, what I describe as first gear in my book, Chevettes to Corvettes:  Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business.

There are four critical components of developing our vision to make that radical change in 2016.  SeeingRadicalChanges

  1.  Learn to Look.  She was one of the few that believed something valuable could be found in that desolate landscape. Learning to look became the secret to her radical success. She was always looking for an opportunity that would radically change her life.  Meanwhile, everyone else was was merely hoping to maintain their status quo.  She found it – they didn’t.  No wonder they were envious.
  2. Watch for Patterns.  There is a rhythm to business and life if we watch for them.  She learned to spot the stones from afar, with the right angle and the right light.  She couldn’t see them if she was too close.  Once she learned the pattern, she could begin to predict where she would find them – and she did.  In business, we benefit from learning the seasons, cycles and trends.  The more we live, learn and work with them, the more we make order in the chaos, becoming sought after experts.
  3. Look for Solutions to Future Problems.  Too often, we as business leaders and managers are so busy  solving immediate problems that we don’t take the time to anticipate what will be coming.  We fall further and further behind, frustrated we cannot keep up.  Those problems are multiplied when we fall into the trap of thinking that we are paid to solve all those immediate problems and put off the important items.  She did her work but kept focusing on what was ultimately important.
  4. Focus Farther.  Many miss great opportunities to disrupt the status quo and create radical change because they are not looking far enough in the future.  This lady learned that if she was right on top of the stones, they remained hidden.  Instead, as she looked out toward the horizon, she could see reflecting the light of the sun. It was as if the world was saying, “Look, here is your opportunity.”  As business leaders, we see incredible opportunities in the patterns of  events, behavior and ideas.  Looking 6 months, a year or five years, we find we can soon anticipate what changes our customers desire, the strategy needed to seize that market and then finally capitalize on it.  Lift up your head and look farther. Your fortune is waiting to be discovered.

3D PWR Tip: Clarify Your Vision

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