Why take the Risk? Why Not make a Radical Change?

You have probably had one of those moments where you have finally gotten comfortable, working hard to get things just right.   At that point, you can’t imagine being more comfortable or happy.

Notice how your body feels.  Notice what you are thinking.  Notice your energy level.  It feels good, doesn’t it.

But then something happens.

Somebody introduces you to a very intriguing idea.   Immediately it makes you sit up, lean forward and want to hear more.  You don’t really want to think about it because you just got comfortable.  But the more you listened, the more intriguing it became.  You start to think, “Maybe this is something I want to pursue?” 

But then your are gently pulled back into the reclining position.  You hear a soothing voice saying, “Hey, don’t get too excited here.  Relax.  It is ok to enjoy yourself.  That idea sounds good but you know there will be a lot of long hours and hard work.  You know you have done your share.  Your deserve some time to be comfortable and chill.  Take it easy. You have earned it.  After all, life is meant to be comfortable.”

So what do you do?  Do you take the risk?  Or do you play it safe? 

For many, taking the risk seems kind of kind of crazy – if not down right out stupid.  The comfort you are finally enjoying is why you started down this road in the first place.  To disrupt that comfort now goes against everything you have been working for.

But is it?

There is no question that comfort is nice but maybe making a radical change at this time might just be better and ultimately the best thing you could do for your long term success.  It might just be your purpose in life?  It might  be the best move for your career.  And this might even be your legacy move, that thing you do that others will remember you by long after you are gone.

What do you do?


This is a serious question that goes to an even deeper question, “Do we live to be comfortable or to make the radical change?”  What is our purpose and why are what motivates us in our profession, business or personal live?  In other words, we need to know our “Why.”

This is the what I label as the “second gear” in my book, Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business.


There is incredible value in asking and knowing our “Why?” for everything we do.  It anchors us in our purpose and points us to the right strategy.  If we don’t know why we are doing something, we are apt to flounder and, as Yogi Berra said so eloquently,  “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”Knowing our WHY helps ensure we arrive at our ultimate destination. 

Knowing our why  is also important for making the incremental changes that assure the gradual and eventual growth we desire.  It tethers us to our progress, pulling us along toward that grand vision we detailed in the last post, What Radical Success do You See in 2016?

“Why Not?”

But is that enough for you?  Are you satisfied with incremental and limited growth?  Or are you one who is willing to take the risk to get to an even bigger vision? If you are, ask the next question, “Why Not?”

In many ways, asking “Why” is too limiting at this point.  Sure we need to know why we would take that extra step and the purpose we are seeking to serve.  But too often once we become comfortable and complacent in our limited success, we ask “Why?” in a limiting way.  We are really asking, “Why change when I’m so comfortable?”  That reeks of defensiveness and protectiveness.

That is definitely not what we want, need or can use for radical change.

But instead, asking “Why Not?” pushes back the limitations and encourages innovation, challenge and progress.  The beauty of this question is that it takes us from being reactive to proactive.

Notice the responses we get whey people respond to a request with, “Why?”  or “Why would I want to do that?”  There is a condescending tone implying that it is crazy or illogical.  But asking “Why Not?” challenges ourselves to say, “Is there any good reason why I should NOT take the risk?

Notice the difference.  In asking “Why” we have to come up with a good reason to do it but in asking “Why Not?” we have to come up with a good reason NOT to do it.  In the former, the focus is on comfort and complacency.  But in latter, the impetus is on change – big change.

That one little word, “NOT” plays a big part that is represented by a paradigm shift.

As you contemplate the radical changes you desire in 2016, seriously consider why in the world you would want to turn down the chance to have what you ultimately want.  Why would you choose an  ordinary and limited plan?

Why Not choose radical change?

3D PWR Tip: Go to the next level, ask “Why Not?”

Watch for the post next week as we discuss three critical components for building our team to make a radical change.

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