3 Critical Components to Build a Team that Creates Radical Change

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a team that didn’t need to be told what to do but willingly took the initiative and forecast both problems and opportunities?

Some say this is fruitless dreaming, wasted time that could have been spent focusing on how to get a disengaged employees to do 80% of what they are supposed to do.

Engagement is all the rage in Leadership, Management and Human Resources discussions.  I wrote about building the ultimate team in my first book, Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business.   I find there are three components that engage others in a way that leads to radical change – Action, Thinking and Spirit.

We can maintain the status quo with the first one but we will never really make consistent incremental change much less a radical change unless we integrate all three components.


Without action nothing gets done.  The first trait we focus on is the tactical, knowing what needs to be done and getting someone to do it.  Many times business owners tell me that they wish they could do it all themselves because, after all, “if you want it done right .  . .”  well, you know the rest.

Action is critically important and knowing who is going to do it consistently well is critical to being a good manager.  We must have those that will do what they need to do at the best time to the desired standards.

One important insight I have read and seen is that THEY won’t do what we want if WE are NOT doing what we should.  They will do what WE do.  So if we are playing it safe, so will they. If we are late or doing shoddy work, so will they.  But if we are disciplined and determined to do it right every time, they are more likely to do the same.

It doesn’t matter whether we are maintaining the status quo or reaching for the radical change, we must have people on our team who will take the appropriate action at the perfect time.  Be the model for that action. 


It wasn’t that many years ago that best practices demanded that management thought and workers worked.  Although that bipolar approach has become antiquated, many still cling to it.  The result is that many voices are never heard and many great ideas are never implemented and many irritating problems stubbornly persist.  In other words, many never move beyond the status quo, few consistently make good, incremental change and it is rare when anyone makes the radical change.

To make the radical change, appreciate the thinking of your team.  Foster their growth by listening to their ideas and mentoring them to think in four specific ways.

  • Strategically instead of Reactively,
  • Globally instead of just Locally,
  • Divergently instead of always Convergently,
  • Radically instead of Incrementally,
  • Collaboratively instead of Competitively.

In the Sharing Economy, every team member is needed to not only take the action but also to watch the trends and anticipate the opportunities. Welcome their thinking.



If we just worked with thinking and action we might maintain the status quo and even make consistent incremental change.  However, to make the radical change our team needs to be connected, sensing a place where they feel included, liked and valuable.

Unfortunately, this is where most managers and leaders fail, believing this the optional part of the triangle.  What a mistake.

Today business thrives on sharing.  Anyone with a smart phone and a social media account has a voice.  So why would we ignore, discourage or criticize that voice in the workplace?  When we appreciate who they are and the passions they have, we unleash that extra element that says, “Hey, what would happen if we . . .?”

Leaders create engaged employees when we genuinely care about who they are, where they are going and why that is important.  In the end, when we help them with their “Why?” they will help us with our what and how.  The ultimate success comes when we have a common why, what and how.  Engage their spirit.

Watch for the next post where we discuss the process of creating radical change.

3D PWR Tip: To make radical changes, affirm their spirit,  appreciate their thinking and reward their action.

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