Are you Waiting Wisely? or Just Waiting?

Waiting is defined as “to remain in a state of repose, as until something expected to  happen.”  (  

  • Waiting has a Purpose – We wait FOR the Just Waitingtime is right to ACT only because that time has not come yet.  As leaders, we know our purpose and we have our strategy.  Why are you waiting?
  • Waiting is an Action -NOT a PASSIVE escape.  As leaders, we are definitely not just “killing time” but working strategically while we are waiting to take the appropriate action.  What are you working on while you are waiting?
  • Waiting has a Future – We wait by ANTICIPATING an OPPORTUNITY.  Leaders are always aware of what they want in the future but also looking for how the trends are developing to provide for the best opportunities.    What opportunity are you looking for?  How far in the future do you anticipate them developing?

As leaders, we  never are “just waiting” but instead are waiting wisely, working strategically and watching the trends for the best future opportunities.

3D PWR Tip: Wait Wisely to Make the Radical Change

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