Is this the Perfect Day to make Your Quantum Leadership Leap?

Today is February 29, leap day – a day that only comes once every 4 years .

Don’t let it be just another day.  No, don’t just step into just another Monday to start just another week to start just another month.  Instead of taking just another step – make a quantum leap.  Let’s turn this into Quantum Leap Day where we take a bold action that might just make the impossible possible.    

As managers and leaders, most days we work to keep up or maybe even make an Incremental Change.  But Quantum Leap Day is different – it is the perfect day to to make a Radical Change where we think, do or become something bold, challenging and innovative.  We don’t play it safe, wait unnecessarily or playing it too cautiously.    Instead, today is that day to lead by example and make that jump out of our comfort zone. Today is the day to be bold, assertive and progressive.

Today is the day to take that radical, quantum leap.

It is the leap our team and organization needs.  It is the leap that changes perspectives, keeps us going and provides incentive for innovation.  This is the leap our team needs for inspiration, innovation and celebration.  It is the answer for drudgery and mediocrity.  Without this leap, it is just another Monday and business as usual.  With this leap, all things are possible.

BeDifferentScaledBut don’t be STUPID.  Quantum Leap Day is the day to do something bold that moves you, your career or your company forward in your strategic plan.  It is NOT reckless or selfish or harmful but smart, strategic and savvy. You can be bold without being stupid.

Consider the bold action on all three organizational levels – tactical, operational and strategic.  How can you make bold leap in your organization?

Here are 10 tips to get you thinking.

  1. Think Bigger – Ask, “What if I did . . .”
  2. Be Bolder – Ask the difficult question that has been avoided.
  3. Set a much higher Standard – don’t settle for what has been accepted.
  4. Take a Radically Different Perspective – purposely view the situation from a new angle.
  5. Zig when others Zag – play devil’s advocate or, if that is your habit, see it their way.
  6. Say, “No More.”  – Today is a perfect day you stop doing what you have too long been tolerating.
  7. Create instead of Replicate – Make today the day everything is new.
  8. Keep Moving when you would have Stopped – Doing “just one more” might just be the bold step that makes the critical difference.
  9. Double what you Do – Sounds crazy but try it.
  10. Say “YES” to new ideas unless it threatens the safety or livelihood of an individual or the company.

Try them out and then leave a message telling me how it worked.

As a business leader, make today a red letter day where you take that quantum leap forward.

3D PWR Tip: Make today a Quantum Leap Day.

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