Is Leading Radical Change Your Priority?

This magician mesmerized the audience with his card skills.  Small groups gathered around as he performed card tricks prior to the main event.  But he really astounded them an hour later as he remembered every single one of the 60 people’s names.  Many wondered aloud, “How do you do that?

They wanted to know the process but, of course, good magicians refuse to disclose their secret.

In the post party conversation, one older gentleman boldly asked the magician, “How do you remember all those names?

Don'tForget“I cannot reveal the secret process but I can tell you it all happens with one simple but critical action.  You have to want to.  Without a strong desire to remember the names, you won’t.”

“But I’m no good with names.”  The older gentleman said.

“Are you a sports fan?”


“What team?”

“The Yankees.”

“Who hold’s the single season home run record for the Yankees?”

Roger Maris.”

“Whose record did he break?”

Babe Ruth.”

The magician continued to ask more and more detailed questions with the older gentleman correctly answering every single one.

Finally, the magician looked at him and said, “For someone who is lousy with names, you sure remembered a lot of them.

The older gentleman smiled but still insisted, “But I’m terrible with names in social settings.”

You can do far more than you think when you decide you really want to do it.  You made the Yankee players and statistics a priority.  That is what you need to do with memory.  Start by making it a priority.  That is when you become serious about making the change.”

Many don’t make a radical change because don’t make it a priority.

Do you have a desire to make that radical change?

If so, is it a priority?Is it a Priority

3D PWR Tip: To make radical change. make it a priority.

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