Am I fooling Myself? Can I really Become a Leader of Radical Change

I write a lot abut creating radical change but once in a while we have to stop and take a good hard look in the mirror.  Then we have to ask ourselves the difficult questions.

  • “Am I fooling myself?” 
  • “Do I really have what it takes to strategize radical change?”
  • “Am I wasting my time even thinking about being a radical leader?”

I have found there are 10 haunting questions that help me be completely honest with myself.  You may find them helpful as you consider jumping from incremental change to embracing radical change.

Do you find that  . . .

  1.  Life is easy – and you like it?
  2. You make excuses and feel justified?
  3. There is usually a “but” in your conversations about big changes?
  4. You have little ambition and believe that is “just who you are?”
  5. You easily accept missed opportunities?
  6. You let up when things get difficult?
  7. You want more but are waiting for someone to do it for you?
  8. You are satisfied with being ordinary?
  9. You cannot wait to retire – or win the lottery?
  10. If this is all there will be, you are happy with that?

I’ve looked in the mirror many times and wondered whether I had what it took. 

Too often I’ve listened to other well meaning people that discouraged me.  At other times I’ve let my own insecurity stop me. Then there are those times where I took a chance and things didn’t work, I failed.  I didn’t know if I dare try again.

I had to wonder, “Could I do anything significant?”


Could I really become a leader?  I wondered if i would ever be anything more than a follower.  I wondered if I could ever create a radical change.  I wondered if my doubters were right.

I wondered if I was just fooling myself.

But then I stopped and listened objectively to my answers. 

Yes, I do like an easy life and did make excuses.  But, and this is a good use of the three letter word, that is NOT who I am or want to be.  I am not satisfied with ordinary and definitely not ready to quit.  There is no way that I would be content if this is all I did in life.

At that point, I knew I had the potential to be a leader of radical change.  I recognized there is hope for me.  I knew I could change.  I might not be that dynamic leader of radical change right now but I know I can learn to lead the radical change.  I might not be successful on the first try and yet I can still develop the skills and leverage the power I already hold to do what most doubt is possible.

3D PWR Tip: If I can do it – you can.  Ditch the Doubt.  Learn the Process.  Decide to Become the Leader of Radical Change. 

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