7 Ancient Tips from Leaders Creating Radical Change Today

We can usually trace our failures back to self-inflicted problems, what ancient authors label as the “7 Deadly Sins” of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth (laziness).   Any of these will kill even the best of cutting edge projects.

So how do we avoid these common problems when we are seeking to do the impossible? 

We know that  creating radical change requires rising above the competition, standing out by doing what most consider impossible.  That requires a vision beyond the status quo and a strong sense of individual purpose  in pursuing that vision.  To deviate from that purpose of achieving that radical change is to miss the mark or to wander off course.  The classical Greek author Homer called that “sin.”  As the term evolved, “sin” became a list of wrongs that separate us from our ultimate creator and calling.

Many desire to create radical change but fail because they lose their way and miss the mark. They end up committing one or several of those deadly sins that keep them in a frustrating status quo, the hell of any aspiring or emerging leader.

So how do we rise above those 7 deadly sins and create radical change?  We have to pay the price that I wrote about in a previous post.  We have to be willing to rise above that mentality that says “sin” makes life more exciting.  We must also recommit to our vision, agreeing with our purpose and doubling our diligence to executing the right action at the perfect time.

The answer to failure often lies in playing in rising above those common “sins.”  Looking back again to the ancient authors, we focus on 7 heavenly virtues of chastity (purity), temperance (justice), charity (generosity), diligence, patience, kindness and humility.

We stay on track when we employ these seven virtues.  Here are 7 tips to help you streamline your efforts to create radical change.  7 ancient tips

#1.  Fine Tune Your Focus.

Too many leaders are focused on their ego, committed to elevating themselves above the project and their team.  Refocus on the ultimate goal to create the radical change.  Maintain your purity and devotion to your ultimate goal of radical change.

#2.  Exhibit Restraint

I once worked for a college where the President proudly proclaimed, “We never met an idea that we didn’t like.”  No wonder they struggled.  Greed is  lacking restraint, wanting all they can possibly have.  Meanwhile, those creating radical change focus on a specific vision and quickly dismiss all that does not move that vision forward. They do not wander from the path that will lead them to their desired destination.

#3.  Be Authentic

Who wants to team up with someone they cannot trust?  Leaders creating radical change build teams that know the leader has everyone’s best interest at heart.  They are not in it for themselves.  That is the old term for lust.  Be the great leader who puts the betterment of others above their own personal desires.

#4.  Be Generous

Many frustrated managers and followers are envious of others.  They complain about how life isn’t fair and that others got an unfair advantage.  No wonder they are stuck in the status quo.  Leaders seeking radical change take a different perspective, choosing to be generous when other are envious.  They recognize that teams perform best when the daily drama is dismissed.  For many, becoming generous instead of envious is a radical change.  Imagine what it can do for the performance, production and profits of an organization when you create a generous culture.

#5.  Be Conscious of Their Needs

We have all seen the eating contests where contestants are challenged to eat as much as they can as fast as they can without throwing up.  This is a radical difference from fine dining or wine tasting where the purpose is to enjoy the flavor in every bite and sip.

Too many managers and followers greedily pursue every ounce of attention, accolades and advantages.  They are gluttons for the perks, privileges and and even punishment.  No wonder they are stuck in the status quo.  Meanwhile, the leaders creating radical change decrease their appetite and focus on satisfying the needs of customers, employees and vendors.  They know it is not “all about me.”

#6. Be Patient

Many managers and followers prefer instant gratification, not wanting to work and wait for great so they settle for mediocre.   But the leader of radical change grasps the benefits from waiting wisely to execute at the perfect time.  There is no reason to wield their wrath in a moment of impatience.  The radical change leader shows restraint and patience, determined to do the right thing at the right time.

#7.  Be Diligent

The top priority for any leader working for radical change is to keep the project moving toward the goal.  There is no time for “sinning” by wandering off the path, missing the mark or taking actions that violate the purpose and mission of the organization.   Yet many followers refuse to take the lead and many managers wait to be told what to do.  Playing it safe allows many who claim to be aspiring leaders to be lazy and unproductive. That is what is referred to as “sloth.”    To allow sloth is committing to failure.

Instead, the leader of radical change displays a strong work ethic, a zealous and careful nature to one’s own nature and work.  This leader is the one whose team will stand out because they have set themselves apart from those unwilling to leave the status quo.

  • Are you willing to do what others won’t?
  • Are you willing to commit to a higher standard?
  • Or are you content with where you are and willing to accept never standing out?

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