3 Strategic Changes to Leverage the Power of Human Resources

Mention Human Resources and many executives, managers and employees groan.  They just don’t see how H.R. is  or could be significant in creating radical change.

Why not?

I have studied this situation for the last 25 years, starting in a time when H.R. was known as “Personnel.” As I taught Business Communication and then Leadership Studies before becoming an Executive Coach,  I noticed some very disturbing trends within business executives and also within Human Resources professionals.

Over those last 25 years a radical change in leadership has evolved from the 2 dimensional “bark and jump” model to a 3D approach of Connect-Communicate-Create.  Where once many were obedient followers, now they work together to build what was previously seen as impossible.

But the attitudes about H.R. have not kept pace.  They cling to their old patterns and power structures and then wonder why they are left behind.

Here are 3 strategic changes every executive and H.R. professional can make to leverage the power via Human Resources.

Strategic Change #1.  Expand the Role

Too often Executives and management play the ego “one upmanship.” They cling to their old patterns and keep Human Resources limited to hiring & firing and then filling out benefit paperwork. Meanwhile they wonder why they cannot attract and retain top level talent.  Too many Human Resources professionals accept that limited role.

The first strategic change that needs to be made is for everyone to expand the role of Human Resources.  Look at Human Resources through the 3D lens and we find they are perfectly positioned to create radical change.  Remember, connect – communicate – create.  They are connected to every member of the organization and already communicating.  With a different approach, they are in the perfect role to create – if their role is expanded from the transactional to the transformational.  

Transactional is merely “cranking it out” and “doing their job.” Transformational creating the needed radical change.

Human Resources is connected to the pulse of the organization and had the spirit that drives innovation.

Executives:  To leverage their power, executive leaders must broaden their view beyond the tactical “grind it out” work” of filling out paperwork, answering repetitive questions, hiring, evaluating and firing.  If Human Resources is nothing more than a tactical function, then it makes sense to outsource it to some faceless organization.

H.R. Professionals: Quit complying with this limited view.  See yourself as an agent of change and become that person that isn’t willing to sit back and play it safe.  Learn to think strategically and transformationally.

Strategic Change #2.  Rebrand

When it is time to think strategic, many executives and other managers too narrowly define Human Resources and think, “They just don’t have what it takes.” But that was in the old 2D world.  In the reality of the 3D world, Human Resources has far more power to shape the organization and ensure long term success than what these leaders want to admit.  Too often executives blame Human Resources for their poor leadership when, and this won’t be easy to hear, the executive has fostered that narrow definition.

Executives:  Change your paradigm.  Think in 3D- not 2D.  Rebrand Human Resources in your mind and in the organization.   See them as creators – not just paper pushers.

H.R. Professionals:  See yourself as strategic and foster your own mindset for innovation.

Human Resources Professional Must See themselves as the Catalyst for Radical Change. 

 Strategic Change #3.  Leverage the Power

2D executives love to wield power.  2D Human Resource Professionals accept that old world, content with minor incremental change.

That has to change NOW.

Innovative companies foster a rare talent for looking beyond outdated bias to see the potential in every person and situation.  They quickly jettison habits, biases and traditions that no longer serve them effectively in the present and future world. To be successful in this 3D world of rapid and radical change, companies must be nimble.  Those clinging to the past adhere to what is comfortable but increasingly taxing, slowing the organization and ensuring its demise.

Executives:  To create the radical change, look closely and you will find many that were previously dismissed have power that can be leveraged for impressive results.  Human Resources has quite a storehouse of power.  Will you leverage it?  Or will you keep that door locked and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Human Resources Professionals:  Look at your current position and situation.  Look beyond the obstacles of asking for permission and seek out the opportunities that need no permission.  Then become the agent of change instead of being the obedient employee waiting for someone to tell you what to do. 

power-150638_12803D PWR Tip: See Human Resources as the Leverage You Need to Create Radical Change 

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