7 Ways Human Resources is Perfectly Positioned to Create Radical Change

Look closer and you might just find power that you never imagined.  Learn to leverage that power and you will find you can do far more with far fewer resources.

I have spoken to Human Resource professionals for well over a decade and found them to be an untapped power source in most organizations.  Last week we looked at how executives often relegate H.R. to the tactical rather than the strategic.  This week I take a closer look and examine the 7 ways that Human Resources can provide exactly what executives want but don’t think they have.

1.  Human Resources has the Connections. 

H.R. is connected with every member in your organization.  Need to know what is going on?  Want a way to filter information to everyone?  H.R. talks to your team and in ways that you don’t.  They just might be the best way for you to connect with your team.

2.  Human Resources has the Data.

H.R. has far more data than many realize.  It might just be the data (and knowing what that means) you need to strategize your radical change.

3.  Human Resources Knows the Trends

Data and connections are great but knowing how they all fit together and what that means for the organization is critical.  Too often Human Resources is relegated to the transactional, overlooked for the strategic while they often can provide the interpretation that you need.AreYouSeeing the Power

4.  Human Resources Cares. 

Most H.R. professionals went into the field because they care about people.  But too often the executive team minimizes how important those relationships are and are in dismay as to why the turnover is so high.  Even H.R. will quit caring if no one else cares.  One of the ways that happens is when good Human Resources professionals leave companies that don’t care.

5. Human Resources Professionals Understand the Power of Culture

Relationships drive business.  Build strong relationships and turnover is reduced.  People  want to work with those they know, like and trust.  Build strong relationships and the quality of products and services soars, in part, because you want to provide what your friends want.  That allows sales to soar. Every part of the organization thrives when leaders build strong relationships.  But that culture doesn’t just happen.  It takes someone working at building that culture.  Human Resources knows how to build a strong culture.  Executives need to empower them to do that.

6.  Human Resources Professionals often Have the Answers Executives Need

It is kind of funny to watch executives and other departmental leaders panicking in the face of a deadline while bemoaning the lack of resources.  Meanwhile, a very talented individual sits quietly because they have been excluded.

7.  Human Resources has more Potential than most Leaders Utilize.

Radical change is happening in places many never thought possible because obedient followers now have access, connectivity and mobility.  They have leadership potential that was previously relegated to benefits questions, data entry and planning parties.  Today, those same individuals, if brought into the circle of influence are becoming strategic partners that understand the pulse of the organization.  Executive who find lifting the load of radical change much easier when they have leveraged the power pent up within Human Resource professionals.

power-150638_12803D PWR Tip: Take a Second Look – See Human Resources as the Leverage You Need to Create Radical Change 

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