7 Ways SMART Leaders Remember those who Served and Sacrificed (Memorial Day)

Today is the day set aside to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in fighting for our freedom.  We know that as citizens of this great country, we enjoy our freedom because many gave the ultimate sacrifice.  They died so we can live.  How will you choose to purposely remember them today?

One of the best things we can do is to lead our own lives to seize the incredible opportunities their sacrifice has made possible.  We don’t dishonor them by throwing away our individual freedom but instead by leading our own lives to help others, becoming what I call SMART leaders.

flag-958343_1920 (1)As SMART leaders, we are individuals of great vision, foreseeing a future that others cannot, will not or simply do not.  But the truly SMART leader is the one who looks back at the right time for the right purpose. Today is a good opportunity for us as SMART leaders to remember those that have made our success possible with their service and sacrifice.  Today is the perfect time to honor those soldiers of sacrifice.  And in the process, we will master our leadership memory by paying our respects to those who fought and died for the United States of America.

In that process of remembering, we can also show our gratitude for those who have served us as individuals or as leaders of an organization.  By remembering our fallen soldiers, we can also purposely remember those who made our success possible.  Without their sacrifice, we would not enjoy the lives we live today.  Remembering and respecting, honoring makes us SMART leaders.

Here are 7 ways we can honor those sacrificial soldiers  today.

  1. SMART leaders remember those who toiled in silence. Many followers gripe and complain, others demand a portion of the spotlight.  Yet, there are those who know their position, value their duty and simply do what they know is right – at the right time.  They talk little and do their duty.  SMART leaders notice and remember these dutiful workers.  As individuals, citizens and leaders, who do you remember that served in the shadows of your success?
  2. SMART leaders remember those who came before them. SMART leaders have a sense of history and appreciation for those who have paved the way for their leadership success.  But that appreciation is not simply for great leaders from ages past but for the foot soldiers who toiled on the front lines, literally blazing the trail.  SMART leaders know who has gone before and the sacrifice they made.  Who has served you by blazing the trail, making success possible for you?
  3. SMART leaders remember those who trusted enough to follow. Many follow but the best do so because they ultimately trust their leader.  Followers will dedicate their lives for those they trust, either at their side, up ahead or well behind.  SMART leaders value their followers and build that trust before expecting sacrifice.  Who has served you because they trusted you?  Who still serves you because they continue to trust you?  How do you remember and honor them?
  4. SMART leaders remember those who make the ultimate victory possible.  Victory takes teamwork.  As leaders of civic, religious and business organizations, we know together we make great things possible.  We never do it on our own.  Who is on your team?  How have each of them made your victories possible? 
  5. SMART leaders remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Last year 301 U.S. soldiers gave their lives to protect our freedom.  Each one is far more than a statistic but a vibrant individual who loved living, had friends and family who grieved their loss.  Losing a life is nothing to take lightly.  Today is a good day to pause and remember each of those who have spent long hours serving you and the organization, giving their precious time when they could have done something different.  Today is a good day to understand why they gave their very lives, each breath sacrificed for those of us still here.  Today is especially a good day to give back, modeling their attitude.  Who do you remember who gave the ultimate sacrifice?
  6. SMART leaders remember those who did what we could not, did not or would not.  I’m conscious that many have died serving in the U.S. military so that I have the privilege of writing  what I want, when I want.  That freedom of speech cost many their lives yet I know that I have chosen not to serve or to make that ultimate sacrifice.  What can I do to properly show my respect for this incredible freedom? 
  7. SMART leaders remember the important lessons learned.  SMART leaders not only remember who has sacrificed what but also what is to be learned in every sacrifice.  The lessons of battle are valuable for those who survive to further the fight for freedom.  SMART leaders learn from the past so less sacrifice is needed in the future.  What have you learned from their service and sacrifice?  

Thank you to all who serve and have served in the United States military.  A special thank you to those families who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  We honor your loved one, we honor you.  We live in freedom because your loved one died in duty.  We will remember.  We will never forget.

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