What Exactly is Radical Change?

I focus a lot on Radical Change.  But what exactly do I mean?

What is Radical Change?

Radical change is a quantum leap from where we are to where we would really like to be.  It is not some small adjustment, a tweak here or there that takes away a small problem or allows marginal success.

Radical change  is a very significant step.

Radical Change is a paradigm shift demanding a new perspective and approach.  It is asking a different question, not just doing more of the same.

Radical change can be organizational, professional or personal.  Often it is all three.  Rarely is it just one.

Radical Change shatters “impossible.”  It is doing what others never imagined.  thought was impossible.  In the process, it sets new standards and raises expectations.

Radical Change  may be focused on just one aspect of your life/profession/organization but will infect every other aspect.  In a good way, it is highly contagious.  Once we see the results, we want more.

Radical Change is that leap you take that makes your career, company or life so much better that you never want to go back.

Radical Change is leveraging the power of our connections to collaborate and create an entirely new level.  RadicalChangeWorld

Radical Change is NOT . . .

Radical Change is not settling for the usual results, accepting the average or conforming to the old norm.  

Radical Change, obviously, is not avoiding change.  But many don’t fully appreciate that Radical Change is more than just keeping up with the times.

Radical Change is not incremental change.  It is not just a little better, faster or cheaper.  Remember, it is a quantum leap.

Radical Change is not something that great people do.  Radical Change is what successful people do to continue to be successful in a rapidly and radically changing world.  It is what all good business leaders are doing today, disrupting their own patterns to proactively seek the best opportunities.

Is it time for you to start Creating Radical Change? 



Be Bold

Be Decisive

Create the Radical Change

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to leverage their power  in order to create radical change.  Do you believe that is possible for you? Are  you ready to begin proving your critics wrong, contact me today.

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