Are You as Bold as our Founding Fathers?

240 years ago a small gathering of men tried something ridiculous.  They didn’t know if it would work.  After all, many and tried and failed.  No one had succeeded – at least not in modern history.

Many told them they were crazy to try.  

“That idea is too bold.  Why not settle for a smaller change?”  

They heard the objections but knew the situation demanded a different approach. They knew that incremental change wouldn’t bring the desired results.  They needed a radical change to make the lasting difference.   

Why couldn’t they just go along and accept the situation?

Others saw no need for change.  But this small group knew something had to change.  Obedience to a tyrant was no longer acceptable or tolerable. They also knew this was a good opportunity.  If they didn’t do it, who would?  If they didn’t do it now, when would anyone do it?  They knew this was the time and the place.  

Did they realize the severity of the threats?

They knew their wealth, status and very lives were at risk.  To do this, they had to be willing to die for the result.  That is a stiff requirement.  Many of them would make that ultimate sacrifice but they still pursued the opportunity. Why would anyone be willing to pay such a high price.

Didn’t they realize innocent people would be harmed?

They knew some innocent people would be harmed, maybe even killed, but they also knew that if they were successful everyone would have choices and opportunities that they never had before.  

America is great Because America has been Bold.  

Our Founding Fathers dared to do what others could not.

  • They dared to risk what others would not.
  • They accepted the impossible challenge.
  • They heard the doubts and encountered resistance.

But our Founding Fathers did not shrink from the opportunity to do what had never been done before.  They were bold.  They were decisive.  They were diligent.  In the end,they shattered what was thought to be impossible.

Today we enjoy our freedom because they took bold action.

What will you do with this freedom?   

Today many have chosen a different path.  They sit back, demanding others make the sacrifice and do the dirty work.  Too many are unwilling to work to make the world better. They just want what is easiest and most convenient.

Too many don’t even know who the Founding Fathers were or what they have done.  Far more don’t fully realize how bold these people were and how impossible the task appeared.

I need to ask you 3 compelling questions:

  1. Do you have a bold vision for a greater America?
  2. Are you willing to sacrifice to ensure that vision?
  3. Are you willing to face resistance and persevere until it becomes a reality?

Our Opportunity

Never before have we had so many opportunities to do the impossible.  Let’s celebrate the freedom that our Founding Father’s secured for us 240 years ago by being bold enough to sense and seize the best opportunities to build a bold and strong nation.

America will continue to be Great because you choose to be Bold.

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

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