3 Reasons You are Fired

Ordinary Managers maintain the Status Quo. Ordinary Leaders create Incremental change when it is predictable, safe and comfortable.  Meanwhile, Disruptive Leaders purposely create Radical Change.

Disruptive leaders create  something that is so valuable for their customers, employees and supporters that those followers never want to go back to the previous products, services and relationships.  No wonder the followers of disruptive leaders are intensely loyal and willing to pay premium prices.

But very few are Disruptive Leaders.  Most leaders are content with being ordinary.  They follow what is predictable, they do what is safe and they stay within their comfort zone.    These ordinary leaders are not really leaders at all but actually managers of the mundane.  They seldom break new ground, preferring to replicate, borrow or steal what others have already created and perfected.YouAreFired

3 Threats

Ordinary Leadership creates three distinct threats to the organization.  If leaders don’t create products, services and relationship that have elite value, the organization is faced with dire circumstances.  In today’s marketplace of radical and rapid change, providing an inferior product or service puts your entire organization at risk.  Just ask Sports Authority, if you can find one before their final sale.  If you are not providing products and services that at least keep up with that level of change, you will be seen as ordinary, your value will be invisible and as an organization, you are replaceable.  When that happens, you are fired.

In this post, you will get an overview.  Over the course of the next three posts, we will examine each of these threats in more detail.



As an organization, you are fired when customers don’t see any distinctive value.

If  your  products are not better in quality, they are not faster than the competitors or significantly cheaper, You are Fired!

If your services are not better, faster or significantly cheaper.  You are also fired!

I am amazed that Sears is still in business because I fired them long ago.  I fired them because they were tied.  I do remember them being the largest retailer several decades ago but in the last couple decades, I have to wonder how they have stayed in business.  Since leaving warehousing I’m no longer impressed with the quality and style of their clothes.  My dad was a loyal Sears shopper until they refused to honor the warranty on a chop saw.  I had to wonder how they could renege on a promise to an 80 year old man.  I figured if that is the way they operate with him, why would I choose to business with them.  I knew there were other companies that provided just as good of product with a better service for the same price.  So I fired them.

We hire organizations that understand our needs and then gladly meet those needs.  We also hire organizations that we want to work with.  This is not a difficult mathematical formula for success.  Customers want organizations that continually impress them with products and services.  As customers, we don’t really want to go somewhere else.  We have already changed our patterns to include you as an organization.  Don’t force us to find a competitor that does it better, faster or cheaper.


As an employee, you are fired when your manager or the organization doesn’t find that you provide enough value.  If you have not kept pace with the rapid and radical world of change, you will be fired.  They will likely use a different term, such as “terminated” “downsized” or “your position is being eliminated.”

Human Resources is faced everyday with situations that question the value of a person’s value to the organization.  They carefully screen applications seeking the best value in hiring.  If your value is not readily apparent and highly valued, your resume is passed over.  You are not hired.

Throughout the year, Human Resources work with managers and leaders to assess the value in the periodic reviews of that employees.  If the value is acceptable, an incremental raise is usually awarded.  If there is significant value, that employee may even be promoted.  But if the value is disappointing, the employee is put on an improvement plan or fired.  Organizations cannot afford to keep employees that don’t provide significant value.  You are fired!

But there is another challenge for individuals.  Technology replaces mundane, repeatable work.  What happens when your work can be performed by a software program or a robot with the same quality but a far cheaper price?  You guessed it, you are fired!

The individual who is promoted is the one who is bold enough to embrace their value, stand out and take the lead.  The organization is desperate for those disruptive leaders in the world of rapid and radical change.

If you want to be hired, become the disruptive leader.  Learn to leverage your power to do the impossible.  Learn to increase your knowledge and develop your skills in a way that provides the organization far more value than they expect.

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I develop disruptive leaders.  If that is your desire, contact me today.

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