Now What? 3 Steps to take After Failing to Create a Radical Change

None of us really wants to talk about it, but we really need to.  Failure happens, especially to those creating radical change.

Last week we discussed fearing failure and how it is the worst thing we can do as a disruptive leader. Today we look at the aftermath of the failure, large or small.

What do we do when we fail?

Disruptive leaders will fail because they (we) take risks that many would not.  We are focused on doing what others think is impossible.  That brings risk and risk brings failure and, if we persist, is an important step to building a strategy or our ultimate success.

How do we get to that success?  

Remember from last week that failure is part of the process and one failure does not make you a failure.  Quitting makes  you a failure.  Failure is valuable because it eliminates possible solutions.  Since you just failed, you have an opportunity to readjust and try again.  The question is, “Will You Quit?  or Will You Ultimately Succeed?”    accident steps when you failscaled

Here are 3 questions to ask in building your strategy.

 First, do I need to change my approach?

Look back at the approach you used.  Obviously the way you used it wasn’t successful so we can rule that out.  But what happens if we use that same approach in a different way?  What happens if we use the same approach in a different situation or with different components?  What happens if we use a different approach in the same situation?

Second, do I need to change my perspective?

Maybe it is not the approach at all but the perspective at which you are viewing the problem?  Last week we discussed changing our perspective of failure.  So what happens when we look at the problem from a different perspective?  What will we see when we view it from a customer’s perspective? or the vendors?  or a competitors perspective?

Third, do I need to change my ultimate goal?

This is a difficult question.  At some point we have to reassess whether the ultimate goal we are pursuing is still viable.  Too often after a failure, we throw up our hands and say, “It just isn’t worth it.” or  “This  isn’t going to work.”  We definitely don’t want be that person that gives up too soon. (Remember the example from Think and Grow Rich where the miner stopped just 3 feet from the mother lode?)  But we also don’t want to be that hopeless dreamer who doesn’t know when to give up.

Experiencing a failure is part of the process of creating a radical change and developing a disruptive innovation.  How we approach that failure will determine how quickly and how much we ultimately succeed.

Please leave a comment about how you have used one of these three questions to turn failure into your ultimate success.  

Be Bold

Be Decisive and Determined

Become the Disruptive Leader

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