5 Ways the Fear of Pain Drives us To Create Radical Change

Chris Burkard calls himself a surf photographer.

I imagine you are thinking he basks in the sunshine of exotic beaches of Maui, Rio or the Virgin Isles.

He used to love those locations until he launched his crusade against the mundane.  That was when we purposely pushed himself to explore the best waves in the most extreme places on the planet and discover the Joy of Surfing in Ice Cold Water.

Chris Burkard

Doesn’t that sound crazy?  To me, there would be no joy being in cold weather much less surfing in ice cold water.  But for Burkard, he not only tolerated it but grew to love it.

That required him to find value in pain.

We have been discussing failure in the recent posts.  Too often we fail to try to create the radical change and attempt the disruptive innovation because we fear some sort of pain.  In this post, I challenge you to find the value in pain so you can create that radical change.

Here are 5 lessons I learned again as I used this TED Talk Think Tank, my Mastermind for Radical Change.

 1.  Our comfortable world becomes mundane if there is no challenge or pain.  

Burkard became bored doing what everyone else was clamoring to do.  That monotony became painful and that pushed him to go to the extreme.

How is your comfortable world becoming painful with the mundane?  

2.  Pain pushes us out of our comfort zone and that is where we find the radical change.

Burkard felt like he was suffocating working in the world of comfort and ease.  It was not until he sought out the extreme that he found his joy.

As a leader, what radical change can you create when you are willing to leave your comfort zone?  

3.  Disruptive Leaders seek out the Extreme and expect the pain.  

He worked for months seeking out the most extreme pain knowing that the extreme cold would cause pain.  Instead of avoiding pain, he expected and welcomed it.

How do you already welcome pain for what you want the most?

4.  He found shivering (pain) as a from of meditation.  

That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  But when he looks back at being so cold that he could feel the blood leaving his lips and extremities, he found a focus that he never had before.

How has extreme pain helped you to fine tune your focus?

5.  Pain requires us to give a piece of ourselves to create the radical change.

Burkard says that one of his favorite parts of going to the extreme was the challenge of getting there.  Reaching those remote beaches in Norway, Russia and Chile pushed him to his limits of creativity and perseverance.

What part of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to create what you will find ultimately satisfying?  

Leave a comment about how you have overcome pain to create what many never thought possible.

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