5 Steps to Ensure Your Value as a Disruptive Leader is not Invisible

None of us wants to be invisible in times of opportunity.  But many of us make it easy for others to ignore, overlook or dismiss our value as a disruptive leader.

How can we change that?  


Here are 5 steps that will help you leverage your power to disrupt your own life while creating the radical change you desire and your organization needs.  invisible-13955

First, Recognize your Value.

Take note of what you do best and how that makes a difference in the organization.  If you don’t know what value you provide, it will be hard for you to increase it or for others to recognize it.

What value do you provide?  

Second, Increase your Value.

Whatever you are doing to provide value, find ways to or do it better.   Continually raise your standards and performance.  Don’t settle for the plateau but always keep improving and others will begin to notice.

How can you do what you have been doing better?

Third, Explore How that Value is Needed at a Higher Level

If you are organized or efficient, explore how that can be critical to To make this step, it is critical that employees think like executives and managers, seeing what the organization needs and how they can provide it.  If you don’t have a strategic plan for your own career, this is the time to start building one.  But it isn’t just saying you want to be CEO or VP, it is strategically building your value.

Where does the organization need the value you provide?  

Fourth, Join the Conversation

Many complain that they are never asked to join the conversation.  There are two essential ways to join.  First, equip yourself with the expertise they want and need so they will invite you to the conversation.  Second, purposely engage one individual at that level with well reasoned and researched ideas.  In the process, make them look good by inviting you.

What are you doing to join the conversation?

Fifth, Be Humble 

Disruptive leaders are always looking to increase the value of the organization.  But it should never be about them, their ego or their paycheck.  I know office politics exists and that there are many huge egos within executive teams but if you want the invitation to join the conversation, you can’t play the cocky upstart.  Focus on providing great value.  Show how that value can be used to create better or new products, services or procedures.  Always focus on the organization’s success.  Granted you don’t want to be run over or ignored, but  focus on great results for the entire organization and you will soon find a platform where they can be heard.

What are you doing to show your loyalty to the organization’s success?

Join the conversation by commenting about the value you provide to your organization.

Join us next week as we continue this conversation by exploring four critical components of disruptive leaders.

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I  work with aspiring and emerging leaders to become disruptive leaders by writing their blogs, books, white papers, articles and online courses.  If that is your desire, contact me today.

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