A Beginner’s Guide to Standing Out and Providing Radical Value

One of the most disruptive changes we can make is providing so much value as employees or business owners that our organizations and customers cannot stay away.  When we exceed their expectations, they have a hard time forgetting us or living without us.  

But too often we fail because we never stand out.

We all want to be memorable, unless we are slacking off or screwing up.  We want to be remembered as the one that  others cannot do without.  We want to be the one everyone misses when we are gone.  StandOutLightBulbscaled

But too often we are content playing it safe, blending in and conforming tot he crowd. That is when we are easily replaceable.

As I said in my first book, Chevettes to Corvettes:  Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business, if we are ordinary in business, we soon become replaceable and then invisible.

Book Cover . 3How can we transcend ordinary and become so valued that they wonder how they can get along without us?

Ordinary Leadership creates three distinct threats to the organization.  If leaders don’t create products, services and relationship that have elite value, the organization is faced with dire circumstances.  In today’s marketplace of radical and rapid change, providing an inferior product or service puts your entire organization at risk.  Just ask Sports Authority, Borders or Blockbuster.  If you are not providing products and services that at least keep up with that level of change, you will be seen as ordinary, your value will be invisible and as an organization, you are replaceable.  When that happens, you are fired.

Easily Replaceable  

If your value is invisible, your customers or team will not understand and appreciate all that you can do for them.  That means you are leaving profit on the table in almost every transaction.  Are you content with the profits you are making as a business professional?

Here are 3 basic step to help you begin standing out by providing outstanding value.

First, Be Close.  

In business, proximity matters because we become convenient and it becomes easy for our team to see our value.  Work closely with others.  See and hear what they need, even though they won’t tell you.  Being close means that you care, not that you are snoopy or intrusive.

Second, Be Proactive.

Anticipate their needs by following the trends and forecasting the opportunities.  Once you can see the patterns, you can predict what value your fans will need in the future.  Being proactive also means taking the first step.  Don’t wait for them to ask.

Third, Be Generous

Give them more than they expect.  You have heard of R.O.I., return on investment, but in PWRuniversity we believe in the R.O.E., return on expectations.  Do we exceed what others expect?  People do appreciate getting a good value but when they receive outstanding value, we become memorable and they become loyal.  Don’t be stingy when it comes to providing value.

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

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