What is Your Formula to Disrupt?

What does it take to disrupt?


I’ve been researching this for over a decade and found that there is a formula to follow.  It starts on the personal level, inside the mind and heart of the leader.  If the leader does not have a dream that becomes a clear vision, there will be no organizational change. If the leader cannot lead their own life, no one will want to follow or collaborate.

If you have been reading my posts, you will recognize that I focus more on the individual level than I do the organizational.  You will also know that I have disrupted my personal live every decade of my adult life.  To make that disruption, it takes a good formula.  Too often that formula is not shared or only partially shared.

Because I am committed to helping you become that disruptive leader, here is the formula that I have found works for me.  But it isn’t just my formula, it is the one I have seen work in the local, national and world leaders I have studied.



Here is the way I see the formula.

(I + V + S) x  (A + T +P)  => D 

(Inspiration + Vision  + Strategy) x (Action + Timing + Perseverance) = Disruption

I= Inspiration

Many never disrupt because they are lack the inspiration necessary to break from the reliable, mundane and proven methods.  Without inspiration, they are content to obey when they could be disrupting.

V = Vision 

“Without a vision, the people perish.”  Without a vision, no one is willing to leave the proven path.  But once they do have a clear view of what can be, then they begin collaborating and creating to do what others never thought possible.

S = Strategy

Strategy moves a dream from a vision to a working plan.  It requires us to stop and carefully contemplate what it will take to make this warm, fuzzy idea a reality.  Many never disrupt because they keep their dreams safe inside their hearts.  But they will never disrupt.  On the other hand, those bold enough to plan, there is many opportunities. (Strategy involves many components including human, financial and material resources.)

Inspiration, vision and strategy work together to discern which ideas are most likely to work.  But no idea will work without the last two elements.

A= Action

No disruption will ever occur without action.  I define disruption as creating a product, service or protocol so much better than others will never want to go back to the way it used to be.  Therefore, disruption is good.  Destruction, however, can be passive or active and has negative results.   Action is purposeful and powerful.

T = Timing

The right action at the right time brings success.  The wrong action at the right time brings failure as does the right action at the wrong time.   Timing is critical to disruption.  If the market is not ready, it might be a great idea but ahead of its time.  If it is a great idea but someone beats you to it, you might be a day late and a dollar short, missing your opportunity.

P = Perseverance

Action is necessary but rarely is action enough unless it is repeated many times.  That requires perseverance to the plan. When we take the right action  at the right time over and over, we often achieve impressive results.  Perseverance keeps us from quitting but it also softens the market, leading to ultimate change.  Perseverance is that “never quit” mentality that often makes a success out of apparent failure.

Notice that the first three are multiplied by the last three.  We can have the best plan in the world but will not disrupt if we don’t take the right action at the right time and keep doing it, over and over and over.

Be Bold

Be Decisive and Determined

Become the Disruptive Leader

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