3 Basic Tips to Avoid Bad Decisions

Last week we discussed 3 Tips to make Great Decisions.  But how do we avoid making a bad decision?

Here are 3 tips that I have found in my study of great leaders over the last decade.

Tip #1:  Recognize You Have Multiple Choices

choice-4-wayThose who make significant accomplishments that accumulate great fortunes understand they have choices from which they will make good if not great decisions.  Meanwhile, those who don’t accumulate much money often operate out of a poverty mindset, saying, “I didn’t have any choice.”  But there are many stories of individuals who grew up in poverty but recognized they had choices.    Too often, followers and even leaders don’t see the entire array of choices.  Too often we are conditioned to see either/or when it could just as well be both/and.  Other times we see good/bad when it could be better/best or even bad/worse.  Even better, those making great accomplishments recognize that sometimes it is best to simply skip the decision to focus on a bigger one.

Leverage Your Leadership Power:  If you find yourself saying, “I had no other choice,” look farther, wider and deeper for additional options.  

Tip #2:  Do Your Research

researchDetermining the resources required is more difficult than we often assume.  If we were making a major decision like buying a business, we would analyze their books with intense scrutiny.  We know we can assume nothing.  But often in smaller decisions, we don’t do enough research, failing to ask that extra question, check another source or explore other perspectives.

Leonardo daVinci is considered a genius because he learned to observe an object from three different perspectives.  Others have found major breakthroughs by asking, “What is not there?  What am I not seeing?”

Leverage Your Leadership Power:  Keep Looking for More Information

Tip #3: Stay Focused on Your Vision

binoculars-1026425The daily demands of our businesses often distract us from what we ultimately want to do. Too often small business owners hear of the next new fad and decide they need to pursue that shiny object, thinking it is best.  In my executive coaching practice, I often have to ask, “What is you vision?  Where do you really want to go?  Will this new approach get you there?  Or would you be better off sticking to your strategic plan?”  Too often bad decisions happen when we get distracted.

We get distracted because we get excited about the possibilities, are worried about the current approach, or doubt ourselves.  There are likely other reasons but those three are critical.  Sometimes staying focused isn’t as playing with the euphoric possibilities of a new idea but those who have made the best decisions are firmly grounded in a strong vision and strategy.

Leverage Your Leadership Power:  Keep Focusing on the Established Vision and Rational Strategy.

Be Bold

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader

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