What if the Leader’s Story was Never Written?

“The Cubs Win the World Series!”

Many never thought they would hear those words.  Yet, last night it became reality.  But how did they do it?

Fans, followers and foes all want to know.  So the media went in search of the story.

But what if the inside stories were never written?  

How would the world of fans, followers and even foes be limited if they never were able to learn about the inside story of defeats, doubts and difficult decisions?

  • What if the leader’s story was never written?
  • What if they decided it wasn’t worth telling?
  • What if they thought it wasn’t worth the time, energy or money to put into a book?

Yet from this epic World Series that went into extra innings of game 7 will come countless books, articles and autograph sessions.  The stories will be told.

Watch for the books on manager Joe Maddon, CEO Theo Epstein and owner Thomas Ricketts.   Fans would love to read books about the story of players like MVP Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, David Ross, Kyle Schwarber and Kris Bryant.  They  want to know about the pitchers and the hitters, the stars and even the role players.  They want to know more than just what happened but why.  They want to know more about Jason Heyward’s inspriational message during the 17 minute rain delay and how that made a critical difference.

That is when the magic really happens.  

For years, actually for decades, the story of “The Cubs Win” will  reverberate throughout the organization, city and all of baseball.  Fans and even those unaffiliated with either team will remember where they were when the Cubs finally broke that 108 year old championship drought.   This will not only be a local story but also a national and even a global story.  what-is-your-storyscaled

What if we never heard the best part of those stories?

Every day leaders do incredible things that become magical when those stories are shared.  The mundane becomes magical as someone connects with an example, idea or belief held by that leader.

  • Instead of playing it safe, they take a risk.
  • Instead of giving up, they keep pushing and end up winning.
  • Instead of seeing themselves as a loser, they are now on the verge of a dynasty.

That might sound a bit over dramatized.  But is it?  The power of a leader’s story is to connect and compel another to action. These stories of competing day after day toward a lofty vision is what makes the difference between a paycheck and a passion, a follower and a leader.  Amazingly, these stories have the unusual power of converting competitors into raving fans.  While competitors may not like losing, knowing your story can build a healthy respect.

Sadly, many leaders don’t think their story is worth telling.  Other leaders don’t believe they have the time or energy to write a book.  Still others don’t want to spend the money, thinking it is a poor investment.  

I wonder how many fans, followers and foes never take the next step, remain stagnant in their growth and never become leaders because their leader never put their story into a book.  

Why is it important to write the book?  

Anyone can tell their story by picking up their smart phone and hitting record.  But to work with an author to tell the complete story demands remembering, explaining, reconsidering, connecting, arranging and building the story.  An author helps make sense of some things that never did.  A good author helps the leader see what that story means to those who want to read the book.  That author doesn’t inflate the ego but uses the right words to help the leader and the reader connect to a life changing message.  Isn’t that worth the time, energy and investment?

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