Where do You Get Your Energy to Disrupt?

Disruption takes a lot of energy – more energy than many believe they have.  But what I have learned from studying great leaders and working with organizational decision makers is that those disrupting the status quo prioritize their energy use.  What do I mean by that?

Disruptive leaders know where they get their energy to do what no one has ever done before.  They know that it takes minimal energy to follow, even though the modern world is demanding an increasing amount of energy just to keep up.  Those forging ahead recognize 5 important principles of disruptive energy.


First, Energy Fuels Leadership Power  

I define energy as the source of all power.  Power is the ability to influence and Influence paves the way for desired Disruptive Change. In this perspective, energy is the essential and foundational element of disruption.  Without the right energy focused in the appropriate manner, there will be no disruption.

Energy => Power => Influence => Disruption

What source do you rely upon to drive your leadership power? 

Second, Energy is Personal  

We all know when we are energized and when we are not.  While others can tempt or threaten, we know the energy comes from within.  We also know that what energizes one might do nothing for another.  Energy is very, very personal.  We also know that it is fleeting, intense one moment and, if we don’t foster it, wanes the next.  Unless we are constantly connected to that source of energy, we will have an energy shortage.  So energy is highly personal in its source and our decision to stay connected.

When you are looking for that extra boost to do something spectacular, what energizes you?

Third, Energy is Internal more than Externalpower-deep-insidesmall

We really cannot energize another. As leaders we might pump up our team from time to time but the real energy to disrupt comes from inside each one of our team members.  Ask any great leader and they will talk about the energy that each of their team members brought to the project.  That is why disruptive leaders only want motivated individuals.  It is not only that they don’t want to have to pump the team up consistently but that they don’t have the energy to do that.  Besides, they know that the best results come when that team member is consistently tapped into their highest source of energy.  The best energy source is internal, not external.

Many leaders and managers never disrupt because they think it is up to them to energize the entire disruption.  But disruptive leaders know that their job is really more of a facilitation rather than having the energy to do it all themselves.  I see a leader’s primary role  as having the disruptive vision and then helping each team member see how that vision connects with their energy source.  Once that become personal, it becomes internal and the leader’s job is much easier.  Without that personal, internal and we can even say, intimate connection, the team will never reach it’s potential.  Help the team member connect to their energy source.

Which team members are disengaged?  Work to find what energizes them and they will connect to collaborate an create. 

Fourth, Energy is Contagious

You have seen it many times.  One person gets so excited and energized about the possibilities that they share that enthusiasm with everyone else.  You can sit back and watch the wave wash across the room.  Isn’t it great? The energy is contagious, unable to be stopped, not that you would want to.

With disruption that happens.  If you have the right people on your team and you share the vision and strategy of doing something that no one else has done, everyone gets excited.  They welcome the challenge and are are eager to get started.

How will you do to foster the contagious energy of disruption?  

Fifth, Energy is Most Efficient when it is Positive.revolutionarytransformation

Negativity kills – that is the simple truth.  Take a look at any brainstorming activity.  It is brimming with ideas and possibilities when the conversation is positive.  But just a small dose of  negativity  and the ideas disappear.  Too many leaders believe they can disrupt the status quo by driving their team with demands, denigration and dismissal.  How sad.  Leveraging leadership power is far more efficient, effective and energizing.  Connect with your team in a way that sets the stage so they want to collaborate and create.

In what ways can you make everything more positive for your team?

Be Bold

Be Decisive and Determined

Become the Disruptive Leader

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