Leading Through an Unexpected Disruption

The political world has just been disrupted.  How do we lead in this midst of this disruptive innovation?

disruptionDemocrats and Republicans alike have been shocked by an outsider named Donald Trump winning the election.  For the first time in 240 years, we will have a president that is neither a politician or a military veteran.  Many were stunned that the polls failed to predict this.  The elite media and political insiders were confident Hillary Clinton would be voted in as the first woman president.  Many predicted a clear victory and politics as usual.  But they were wrong.  The votes came in and they were all wrong.

How did this happen?

By many of the media and campaign accounts, pollsters and politicians alike failed to listen carefully.  They thought they knew the answer so they forged ahead with policies, practices and campaign strategy.  Meanwhile, they were missing important indicators.  They believed their polls, even though that model of collecting data was outdated and incomplete.  They merely surveyed likely voters and didn’t consider those whose voice was not usually heard.

The Result

Politics has been disrupted.  Not only have we elected an outsider, we have elected someone that his own party leaders didn’t want.

The old way of polling has been disrupted.  They cannot approach the world the same way because it no longer works.

The media is being disrupted.  The way media monitors campaigns will likely change because they have been proven wrong.  They missed the BREXIT trends and now the Trump election.  They have to change or be considered worthless.

The Potential

Donald Trump has the potential to lead in a way few presidents have.  He has little loyalty to those leaders that didn’t want him to run.  He has no loyalty to the opposing party.  He has no political debts from previous elections.  So he has the opportunity to choose the best people from both parties to build the best team. Donald Trump has the potential to do what few other presidents or politicians have  had.  future

5 Tips to Lead 

  1. Listen.  Too many leaders have a strategy and stubbornly follow that strategy, telling others what needs to happen.  But those serious about disrupting listen carefully to the trends.  Take the time to listen first and then speak.
  2. Ask.  Many leaders  make the mistake of listening to their own team and tuning out anyone outside.  They listen but only to their loyal group.  This election surprised, shocked and stunned many because they did not ask the tough questions.  They chose instead to only ask questions that secured their comfort zone.  Ask the bold questions. 
  3. Consider the Unthinkable. A narrow focus leads to a predictable answer but it might not be accurate or beneficial.  Many discounted Trump (including me) because we did not listen carefully to the the trend of increasingly frustrated citizens.  So it is no surprised many of us could not imagine Trump being elected.  As a leader, take the time to explore, contemplate and strategize about what many would consider is “unthinkable.”   
  4. Disrupt your Strategy.  The world is changing more rapidly and radically than ever before.  Therefore, we have to continually disrupt our own strategy to get the best results.  Challenge your own thinking.  Radically change your approach to match the disruptive world for the best opportunities.  
  5. Move Forward.  Many are wringing their hands in fear today because they don’t know what President Trump will do.  In the same way, leaders in a radically changing world don’t know what the future brings.  Wise leaders make a commitment to always be moving forward and never being paralyzed by fear of the future.

    Be Bold

    Be Decisive and Determined

    Become the Disruptive Leader

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